Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quick Update!

Christmas festivities were not the only reason to why this post is coming so late. With our new move in process (and no, we are still without a home to move into), our Internet is shut off. I type away using free San Diego Brewing Company WiFi. Woo-hoo!

Christmas week/month went by as fast as I could imagine. I finished up my Christmas cookies (Irish cream truffles, Goat Cheese and Chocolate Truffle, Macaroons, PB Kiss cookies and homemade Dog Treats) and shopping on Monday, had dinner and gift exchange with Mom and Steve on Tuesday, busy work night and gift exchange with Dad and the kids on Wednesday, errand running and Christmas Eve at Aunt Rachel's on Thursday, and a RELAXING Christmas Day on Friday...and then work on Saturday and Sunday. Christmas Day was the best considering Tyson and I spent most of the day napping and eating. Just how we like to spend it!

We received many thoughtful gifts from glasses, holiday plate, Target gift cards, gift cards to our favorite restaurants, baby gifts, scarves, cookware, cologne, etc. We know that next year will be filled with much more Christmas celebration so we were glad that we made a small fuss over the holidays than a huge deal. And now to celebrate the New Year!

As far as baby news.....We had an appointment on Tuesday to check the growth of my belly, listen to the heartbeat and discuss any questions I may have. My midwife praised my weight (only gained 7lbs!!) and informed me that I have to take the dreaded glucose test in two weeks. This is one thing (besides labor) that I am not looking forward to. This is a test to determine if I have too much sugar in my body and if the baby is at risk for gestational diabetes. Basically, I am to take a gross shot of some sugary drink, wait an hour, and get my blood drawn. If I have too much sugar in my blood, then I have to go back for a THREE HOUR TEST! This includes a 12 hour fast (AAAHHHH!!!) and drinking the gross poop drink, wait an hour, draw blood, continue two more times. Some women puke through this entire process, fun. So this is what I have to look forward to in two weeks. Please pray to the glucose god's for me!!! Other than that, lil' Blake is growing tremendously. Tyson and the lil' guy were "talking" to each other the other night. Tyson would talk and tap my tummy and the baby would kick back. They did this for some time before lil' Blake got tired and drifted to sleep. He already loves the sound of Tyson's voice and gets really excited when he can hear him. I cannot believe how fast he has grown and he is not even out of my belly! With weighing a pound and almost 11 inches long, he can hear quite a lot (which is why Tyson insists I tape the IPOD onto my belly as I crochet. The baby has some Norah Jones, Jason Mraz, and Gipsy Kings to go to sleep to). This (almost) 6 months have flown by and I cannot believe I have only 3 more to go! SO MUCH TO DO!

Biggie and Tyson cuddling on Christmas morning in Tyson's new scarf that I made for him
Beet, Swiss Chard, Walnut and Goat Cheese Tart (using all Farmers Market ingredients) for Christmas Eve

Lil' Blake's first Christmas gift from Grandpa. Go Chargers!

Grandma Candy admiring her wine opener

Tyson SUPER excited for his new Cast Iron Skillet

Sonny getting into the holiday spirit....we think

Decorating the house

Friday, December 18, 2009

The things they never mentioned.....

Christmas is just around the corner and I am proud to say that my endless "to-do" list (no joke, WAS 2 pages long, front and back) is now only a short sticky note. Christmas cards were sent out, lights are strung, presents arrived from Santa (, Christmas tree is decorated and we have Christmas music playing in the background every time we sit for dinner. Next week is full of family time, the exchange of presents, and food. I tried to play Christmas down this year because I know next year will be such a bigger ordeal than any other year prior, but it seems like I cannot help myself in getting into the exciting Christmas spirit.

Having the holidays come and go, as well as moving in a month, has had my 21 weeks of pregnancy fly by faster than I can ever imagine. Every time I put on my T-shirt and jeans, my belly is poking out just a little bit bigger. Tyson and I realized last night just how much I am growing. The kicks are becoming regular and stronger (6am, 10am, 1pm, and then because of work I don't feel him again until 11pm or so). And I am experiencing things that I was not aware I would feel. While I have looked up all of my crazy symptoms up in the pregnancy bible "What to Expect When You're Expecting", I have had some comfort in knowing that everything is quite normal. I just have yet to hear them as forewarnings from friends and family...and trust me, I get an earful at work of endless of advice. From what I should be slathering on myself for stretch marks, how horrible childrearing will be on our marriage, how I will gain 100lbs, morning sickness, and how I should breastfeed until he is 3. And for anyone that knows me, you know my common response to ALL of this is by rolling my eyes and muttering "ya, right." What they didn't share, however, is what I believe are THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTS!

Here are some things I think that future pregnant mommies should be aware of:

-You will find yourself doing motherly/grandmother type of activities. Tea time and crochet will be your favorite activity, ecspecially if the friend is bribing you with Swedish treats and good gossip.

-Yes farting is a problem and some women say that they outdo their husbands. Not the case for me. No one can outdo Tyson....and yet he still blames me

-Documenting everything during your pregnancy is a sick disease. I do not know why I want to save empty bottles of Ranch for my child, or even take pictures of it. Is it because I want him to see that I can go through an entire bottle in a week and put it on everything? I have to step back and breathe and then place it in the recycle bin.

-Your hair and face will NOT be amazing. I look worse now then I did at 12. At least at that age, everyone has acne and rarely showers. My breakouts are unbearable and my hair is unmanageable. BOO on the hormones.

-Some women DO NOT have cravings like pickles and ice cream. If I had a nickel for every time I was asked that, I would be a millionaire. I have never been healthier in how I eat. Granted, I can eat an entire farm out of their fruit and eggs.....

-Nesting happens the entire time you are pregnant..well at least for me. We have never been more organized and clean.

-Yes, your sense of smell is incredible. But working in a restaurant seriously messes with one's mind. At any given time, I can smell nachos, burning pizza, someones cologne, the bathrooms, a putrid BO smell from the pervert at the bar, and lemon drop shots. And this is all combined into one inhalation. YUCK!

-Most women are hot and sweaty throughout their pregnancy. I am the complete opposite. I am freezing. My fingers and toes are ALWAYS cold. I know it is winter and the chill comes with the season, but let's be real. This is San Diego and the coldest day is high 60's. Regardless, I am just as cold as I would be if I were in 20-degree weather. BURRRRRR.....

-And lastly, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being pregnant. Now this is all said BEFORE labor and delivery, but I can do this again. I love experiencing all of the pregnancy woes, good and bad, and I especially love being with my baby all of the time. This is the only time I can have him as mine, and only mine. The bonding is already beginning and I cannot wait to continue it on with Tyson. Being parents is such an amazing feeling and we cannot wait to love our little guy from outside the womb.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Muffins and Tamales

What a better way to spend a Sunday than with cooking, family, friends, football and EATING! After running around with going to the gym, getting a pleasant Santa Lucia greeting from our dear friend Vanessa and picking up some fruit at the North Park Farmers Market, I headed over to my mom's house for some good ol' Mexican tamale making. Starting a new family tradition is always fun and adventurous, as we have little clue on how to perfect the tamale, but with many hands in slathering the masa, scooping meat and folding the husks, we knew that we were creating memories. It wasn't as difficult as we assumed it would be and we definitely over estimated how much masa we were going to need. In the background, we watched the Chargers defeat the Cowboys triumphfully. Tyson and I left my mom's house with 9 dozen tamales to eat for Christmas and the year to come! .....and no we will not share!

Alex scooping, Mom monitoring her folding

A whopping 18 dozen!!!!!

Slapping the masa on the corn husks

Erika and I busy at work!

I also found another favorite muffin recipe for the left over pumpkin puree that I have been hoarding in my fridge. With chocolate chips and some spice, these muffins are irresistible. They go perfect with a hot cup of decaf (with soy, of course!) in the morning. Cannot wait until tomorrow morning for some more muffin indulgence!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Friends, Presents and FOOD!

My amazing husband came home early from a guys night on Monday to smother me in kisses and insist that I eat some food, since a bowl of cereal was not a substantial dinner for his little growing boy and wife. While I sat in bed crocheting away, Tyson prepared lasagna and topped it with my favorite craving, a fried egg. Along side he remembered to bring me my prentatl vitamin and soda water and brought all of this to our bed. I couldn't help but to take a picture of his thoughtful, sincere gesture. I am so grateful to have my best friend by my side. Tyson also surprised me with our diaper bag (another thing crossed off our endless "to-do" list). It is exactly what I wanted. Nothing too baby-ish, lots of room for baby things and my stuff, and easy to clean. A day after we ordered it, it arrived! I LOVE IT!

Last night, Tyson and I met up with our dear friends Adam and Danielle. We snacked at Sea Rocket and grubbed burgers at Toronado. It was a farewell night out as the Millers are setting off to North Carolina for new adventures and a peaceful lifestyle. We will miss them so very much and wish them the best. It was nice to be out with good friends and at our old stomping grounds. With saving money and no drinky for me, we haven't been out too much, which we miss. Since it has been chilly and raining lately, we are more comfortable snuggling on the couch , watching movies and cooking, than going out. It was a nice change for us and especially great seeing friends.

Other than that, our week is going by fast. We are beginning our search for our new home and hopefully buying a couch tomorrow. We are also anticipating our tamale-making Sunday with my mom. Can't wait for some yummy tamales! The little guy woke me up in the middle of the night last night for the first time, kicking away. I could feel him kicking in the center of my belly, then creep over to the right side and kick away again. I truly love being woken up like this.

Lasagna with a fried egg, garnished with sriracha and fresh basil, served in bed :)


Cute blue with lots of room

Lovely and beautiful Danielle

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Favorites

Month 5

Baby Blake is measuring about 10 1/2 ounces and about 6 1/2 inches. He is swallowing more now and produces meconium, but we won't see this goo until he is born. He is getting to be more active and throws a little kick and punch every now and then, but Tyson has yet to feel him. While Tyson tries to yell into my stomach for lil' Blake to wake, like his mother, he is stubborn. I cannot wait to see Tyson's face when he feels him for the first time.

We still cannot believe that this week marks the halfway point. Time has flown by and this makes me even more nervous. Only a few weeks until Christmas (still have MUCH to do), a few months to move (TONS to do), a few months until shower (LOTS to do) and the BABY! While I would LOVE to have the baby as soon as possible, I somewhat want another year to plan, prepare and organize. Welcome to parenthood, right?

These are a few of my favorite things...... (to the tune of Julie Andrews' "Sound of Music")
Pregtastic Podcast on ITUNES to make me feel normal about farts, burps and nipples (BLOG) for great ideas
Mommy Meet Ups at for social normalness
Shoes for Crews shoes for my poor feet and back
Yoga Janda for stretching and relieving pain
Massage Lotions for the (almost) daily massages from Tyson
Cocoa butter lotion for making me smell like milk chocolate (and for no stretch marks so far!)
Homemade tea using my garden herbs
Baby Wise book for Tyson's "aha!" moments
My Nikon Camera for keeping up with our fun life
Maternity Pants
Being Pregnant for the holidays (I know I have said this before, but I am so grateful for it EVERYDAY)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Feeling the woes....

After a incredible dinner of homemade enchiladas and pumpkin spiced flan with our dearest friends Jenn and Matt (and lil' Vanessa), I sit here typing along feeling uncomfortable...for the first time in my pregnancy. Believe it or not, this is the first time I haven't felt the best and it have nothing to do with my back, legs, tummy or anything else of that nature. My problem? My sensitive gums, canker sore on my tongue and a pounding headache. All of these pains make me so frustrated because I haven't had these combo of issues since I had braces! I looked up my problems and found them a typical symptom of pregnancy, but that does not make me feel any more comfortable. It hurts to swallow, talk and eat. And Lord knows I love to talk and eat (no dirty jokes on the third!). I am hoping that these pains disappear within the next few days because I do not know how much longer I can possibly take.

Another frustration is my issues with my crochet. I know, I know. Not a big deal and I am crying and whining about nothing, but I fell in love with this hobby after my mom showed me last Friday. It is not as difficult as knitting and goes by quickly. I am stuck at the end of one row and I am completly lost at what to do next. And what's worst is that I WANNA CROCHET RIGHT NOW! Hopefully I can figure it out tomorrow.

On a positive note, I have a busy week ahead with Mommy Meet-ups, work, Christmas events and lunch with friends. I also have most of my Christmas to-do's done and most of my new home shopping completed as well. This makes me one happy and less stressed gal. With one more week until month 5, I cannot believe how fast the pregnancy, let alone year, has gone. It is December 1 and I still do not know where the year has gone. I guess time flies when you're having fun!

My cravings so far:
Dim Sum (duh!)
Fried Eggs
Cereal with Soy Milk
Chipotle (burrito bowl)

Apples (or any fruit!)
Water (my thirst is constant)
Oatmeal with bananas

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am so FULL!

I am so full of food, love and cake! That's right, cake. Unbeknownst to Tyson and I, our family threw a surprise "mini" baby shower for us. We were loaded up with clothes of every size and color, blankets, wipes and diapers. Not only were there gifts, but a small cake that I became immediately ravenous about. While Tyson and I were watching Turkey Day football, my thoughtful family members quickly set up the patio with delicate decorations, adorable teddy bears and TONS of presents (considering it was my "mini" shower). On Tuesday, I became suspicious of my disappearing registry items, but now realize that it was my ever so sneaky family members that was doing the gift buying. ****Pix to follow**

The Thanksgiving dinner was everything that I imagined and more. I loaded my plate with the essentials and went back for seconds. I now sit here with my belly even more protruding than normal and I am completely satisfied. I am assuming that they baby is also doing very well considering he isn't moving ....probably a food coma :) Tomorrow is another day of family with the arrival of the Digini women. Little Paul and his girlfriend are off to Indio, Aunt Linda returns to the Bay Area for work, and that leaves The Blakes, Ross, Gram Boofa and my mommy. We are planning to shop, eat and laugh all day, which I am looking forward to so much!

I am thankful for:
My patient, loving, perfect and caring husband
The never ending excitement of pregnancy
My thoughtful family
Abundance of food
Great Great Grandmas
NOT being in 80 degree weather (ahem, San Diego)
Three games of football
Having the weekend off
Chargers winning streak
Sales on LCD TV's
not having to cook OR clean Thanksgiving dinner
being ALMOST done with Xmas shopping
My dog
My mom driving to Visalia in the wee morning hours
And lastly, for all of the love that our little Blake will receive

SOME of our presents (we filled a tub full of clothes, toys and diapers)

Mommy organizing all of the gifts

My Mommy and Me

Tyson showing that he has a pregnant belly too!

Giggling at the presents at our impromptu shower

Four (soon to be five) generations

Tyson slicing and dicing

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I truly believe that I am keeping Chipotle, apple farmers and Dim Sum restaurants in business. I know that with pregnancy comes cravings, but teh insane urgency to eat these items is rather hilarious. Last night I told Tyson that I think I could kill for food. While he laughed at my severe statement, I don't think he knows how serious I was. I told my doctor that I have had a sudden increase in hunger and how I go from completely fine to starving, like Mr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. She laughed and explained that my blood sugar level plummets more with pregnancy and to make sure that I am eating healthy food choices, rather than sweets and fatty foods. Well lucky for me and my little guy, I love apple, cereal with bananas, cottage cheese, applesauce, and anything else fruit filled. My guilty pleasure? Dim Sum and Chipotle. Even thinking about them makes my tummy rumble. And I wonder if our little guy's favorite food will be my ever so intense cravings.....

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we take off to Visalia for Thanksgiving. Tyson and I are looking forward to our mini vacation, never ending eating and spending time with family. Visalia isn't the greatest place to consider a dreamy getaway, but with our busy work schedule, we are thrilled to get away. We are fully aware that we will come back 5 pounds heavier, but the turkey, gravy, tamales and pumpkin pie will be well worth it. And whether it was the Pilgrims or the Indians who started Thanksgiving, I am pretty sure that they had pregnant women in mind when they decided on what to feast on. They are geniuses and I am thankful for this day.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Now Presenting......

A WIENER!!!! Our little Blake now has an identity. I can now refer to our baby as a "he" and can finally start shopping!! A huge relief has passed over us. I cannot imagine how people can hold out on finding out the sex until birth. With the amount of shopping and planning, this is a vital piece of information. There has been much excitement that I have been neglecting to write about and from this point on, I promise to update the baby blog much more often that I have been. Again, this is a PROMISE!

The arrow points to the penis!

So along with baby BOY news, other new feelings and surprises include feeling the baby from the outside of my belly, increase in appetite, relief of breakouts on my face (thanks Dr. Condino!), finishing up the registry, shopping for new house items, seeing the premiere of New Moon, beginning Christmas shopping, getting a clear on baby's development and growth, and the final arrival of Turkey Day. Within a week, a lot has developed and accomplished, yet my list of "To-Do's" is still soooooo long.

Because of the holiday week (and speaking of, since when do public schools take the whole week off??!!! My errands become so challenging when the ENTIRE family goes to the mall and grocery store. Don't they know I am pregnant and PISSY AND NEED TO SHOP??!!!) so because of the holiday week, my prenatal yoga was cancelled, but my workouts do not stop. I feel so much better after being outside and working the insane amount of food off that I have consumed for breakfast/lunch/dinner. With daily walks, gym and occasional yoga/Pilate's videos, my energy is high throughout the day. I am also attempting to get into Kettle Bell exercise classes that benefit strengthening the pelvic muscles for labor. Anything to help!

Today Tyson and I went to our check up appointment to get results from my second trimester blood screening and sonogram. Our midwife gave us two thumbs up and said that the baby looked great and measured perfectly. We listened to his heartbeat and discussed my "healthy" appetite. Afterwards, we did a little shopping therapy for some maternity clothes and shirts for daddy. The rest of the day, we cleaned, cooked, watched movies, went on a walk, and enjoyed our quiet, relaxing night. We know how to appreciate these nights, knowing that in just a few months, our date nights will consist of poopy diapers and crying. We cannot wait.

Look at how adorable he is when he sucks his thumb!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Countdown begins.....

As sad as it may be, I really do not know which one I am more excited about so I have decided to just admit that I am the luckiest girl alive. Not only does New Moon come out, the movie I have been patiently waiting for to premiere for what seems like FOREVER, but I also find out the gender of the baby, which I have been patiently waiting for, for what seems like FOREVER. It is a double whammy of great news and excitement. And this week I know will fly by.

With the week behind Tyson and I, we are exhausted, relieved and anxious. On Monday, it was week two of my prenatal yoga. This has been such a relaxing experience for me because I am able to exercise safely, learn nutritional benefits, and stretch my body. The women in the group are so nice and I cannot say enough on how comforting it is to have fellow pregnant women around me. It almost feels like home when I am enter the lavender scented room. And my absolute favorite part to it all? The last 15 minutes we spend laying on our pillows, with soothing "eye pillows" and nature sounds. Complete bliss. Tuesday was not a typical date night, let alone a nice day off. With San Diego Beer week in full effect, Tyson and I spent 8+ hours cooking for the Beer and Food pairing for the evening and also prepping for the week's events. My reward? The bread pudding Tyson made with Chili Chocolate Sauce and Cinnamon Spiced Whipped Cream. Well worth the sore feet and aching back.

Wednesday was a GREAT day for Tyson because according to him, he shot the best game of golf EVER! I really have no idea what that means, or what par, birdie and eagle mean, but I think I remember something about shooting a 70-something. I congratulated like I knew what that meant....hugs, kisses and jumping up and down....Another exciting activity that I did on Wednesday was attend a focus group I had heard from my "New and Expecting Mommies" group. For an hour, I was asked questions regarding a baby product made by Infantile, the packaging, the likelihood of me purchasing the item and so forth. For my honest answers, I left $60 richer and a bag full of toys! It was EASY and FUN! Thursday and Friday, and even Saturday rolled into one big mess of long hours at work, REALLY sore feet, EXCRUCIATING back pains, and TONS of beer geeks for Beer Week....but LOTS of money. And so my Friday is Sunday--my last day of my work week. Can't be happier with a belly full of my mom's tacos, Chargers beating the Eagles, a mugful of hot tea, and another busy week ahead of me to keep it going fast.

What to look forward to this week:
Prenatal Yoga
Meet Ups w/ other pregnant moms for lunch on Tues. and a walk in Balboa Park on Wed.
Baking zucchini bread
New Moon premiere
Finding out sex of baby
Jenn's birthday
Learning more about baby's eating/sleeping habits in my book Baby Wise
Date Night at a new restaurant

Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 16

How fast the time has passed as I roll into week 16...which translates to 4 MONTHS!!! I cannot believe it myself that I am already almost halfway there. I love being pregnant and I even love my growing belly that has expanded (ALOT!) One thing that I did notice at my prenatal yoga class last week was that I am actually smaller than my peers. Some were 10 -12 weeks and quite a bit bigger than I am. Some customers at work even commented on how small I was compared to their pregnant wives/girlfriends. So on Friday, at my 16 week transition, Tyson and I decided to take my 4 month picture to see the difference. And boy is there one! Even over the next few days I can tell a difference in the way my shirts fit. Tyson cannot keep his hands off of my belly and tells me everyday how more beautiful I have become. I need those loving words with the weight gain, breakouts on the face and cranky monster I turn into when I am hungry or tired. And our impatience grows with the gender reveal only two weeks away. Next Friday will determine our fate! Ballet shows, bows and ponies OR football games, mudpies and trucks? Cannot wait!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our First Married Year

Week 14 quickly turned into week 15 without any significant changes. My hunger is still thriving and a belly is definitely protruding from my midsection. Last Monday I had the girls over for some pumpkin carving and bonding time, but by the time night fell, I was overwhelmed with exhaustion. My energy level has improved where I do not have to take naps throughout the day (although they are always welcomed and encouraged by Tyson), but come 8/9 o'clock, I am VERY tired. I am trying really hard to listen to what my body tells me, but with so much to do in a day, I find myself pushing a little more than I should.

The rest of the week went smoothly. Worked Wed-Friday and had Saturday off (Halloween) because Grandma Carmen and Papa came to visit for Alex's basketball tournament and the Charger/Raiders game (YAY for Chargers WIN!). It was nice to have a break from work, but I did not rest with house work and errands that needed to get done. On Sunday, Tyson and I celebrated our first anniversary the only way we know how---with food and MORE FOOD! We, along with my Grandma, went to the Hillcrest Farmers Market to fill our belly's and fridge. Afterwards, to prep for the Chargers game, we went to Linkery to get a bite and a beer (not for me!) Lastly, we headed to El Zarape for the first half to the game. A nap was much needed to follow our restaurant hop, so we headed home before we ventured to our anniversary dinner.

We decided to check out Thee Bungalow in Ocean Beach for some apps and Island Prime for dinner. Apps included Veal Sweetbreads and Escargot and dinner was a massive steak with truffle mac and cheese and asparagus wrapped prosciutto. AMAZING! We cannot believe that a year has passed us so quickly and we anticipate many more.

Last night, I made dinner for the first time in awhile (Tyson graciously takes on the dinner chore). We had lasagna bolognese with spinach and a homemade apple pie for dessert. It was delicious! I also started my prenatal yoga class last night and I cannot believe how sore I am this morning! It definitely helped me with my lower backaches and stretching. It also feels really good to be around pregnant women who know EXACTLY what I am going through. It is nice to hear everybody's advice on pregnancy, but with the constant changing of technology, research and different generations, it is comforting to hear a fellow 20-something woman who is pregnant dealing with H1N1 shots, 4D ultrasounds, yoga, and organic food.

So I am off to walk the neighborhood before my knitting class and "date day" with Tyson. On our tentative agenda, we have dim sum :), zoo, movie and hanging out with old friends. Looking forward to it! And I am so sorry for not keeping the blog updated as much as I would like. I am trying to post every week, as my body changes and grows and as the baby grows.

For week 15, lil' peanut is about 4 inches long. The limbs are growing longer and he can move all of his joints. He can also sense light and if I shine a flashlight in my belly, he will move away from it. And trust me, Tyson will try this. In the next few weeks, I should be feeling more definite movements and should be gaining a little more weight (only gained 3 so far). And if we had an ultrasound this week, we would be able to identify the sex of the baby. But we HAVE to wait until November 20 for the big show. Only three more weeks!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aches, Pains and Cravings

From Tuesday to today I have had a substantial change. On Tuesday, one could not tell that I was expecting. My belly was still flat and while I could feel something going on, I would sometimes forget that I was even pregnant. I even slept on my belly without any discomfort. Over the next few day, everything changed. My tummy has grown and even aches. It feels as though I am going to explode and I am only in month three!!! My flutters are more frequent and mostly occur in the morning. At week 14, mentions that the baby is now stretching its 3 1/2 inch body and his hands and body are more active. My belly now has a pooch and my clothes are getting VERY tight.

Sleeping is another discomfort and not just because I cannot get into a comfortable position, but because of my several bathroom trips. I sometimes wish for a catheter. Last night was quite possibly the WORST night so far. I went potty not once, not twice, but six times....SIX TIMES!!!!! And it wasn't like I could've stopped drinking water to prevent future potty breaks because after each trip, I has beyond thirsty. I tried to ignore my craving for ice cold water, but I couldn't. I gulped away angrily knowing that I would be up in a few minutes to relieve myself. I told Tyson that this is definitely preparing me for when the baby arrives and wakes up every few hours for feeding.

And lastly, my favorite part of pregnancy. I was getting discouraged on ever finding a food that I could not live without. Every woman talks of insane desires and husbands rushing to satisfy their salty/sweet/crunchy/sour wives needs. I was beginning to think that I would never get to that point. But then we went out to lunch on Wednesday......

Dim Sum is what I crave, dream of, salivate over....cannot get it out of my head. The delectable small dumplings stuffed with shrimp, scallops, pork, oh my! The dark, leafy green Chinese broccoli with the oyster dipping sauce and the duck, the pork belly, egg rolls, sweet rolls stuffed with pork, the Chinese hot mustard sauce with red chili.....It's all amazing. And the best part? As soon as you sit down, you are fed. It is my hunger dream come true. I am going back on Monday....and Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Date Night

Sitting in our kitchen in my PJ's and watching Tyson cook dinner has to be the best way we like to spend our Tuesday Date Nights. We started them some time ago when we realized that both of us liked hanging out with our friends and rarely spent time enjoying ourselves, by ourselves. With working nights and running errands and spending time with fam and amigos on our off nights, we "force" ourselves to take time out. Tonight we are having a feast of steaks, garlic bread, salad, rosemary potatoes and a spread of pasteurized cheeses---my favorite meal!

On our two days off, we went to the Rancho Bernardo pumpkin patch where we found our way through the corn maze and picked out three pumpkins. Next week, we'll do our carving. Afterwards, we regretfully watched the Chargers MNF game as they lost to Denver, but at least we had good company with the Math's, Matt Mann, Angie and Mom and Sis. It hasn't been a great start for our Chargers, but I am hoping for a comeback.

Today was a busy day with taking Mom to the dentist, shopping, pedicure, lunch and knitting class....okay so maybe not too busy, but definitely fun. My first knitting class went well and I am off to a great scarf. My next goal are baby booties!

As far as the baby goes, nothing new. While I think I am feeling small flutters in my belly, I am not sure if they are the baby or gas. I am also not as tired as I have been, but one thing that HAS increased is my hunger. I have been good, however, with eating fruit smoothies, fruit, cottage cheese, grains, veggies and anything else that is healthy for us. I did HAVE to splurge on McD's french fries, though. It was my Mom's fault. We did get our first baby gift today from the grandma-to-be. My Mom crocheted a very soft blue (??!!) blanket and also bought us a package full of baby lotion, oils, ointments and all of the other Baby Johnson products. Tyson and I oohed and aahed over them and put them against my belly to show the baby. My belly grumbled in return so I better go eat some food!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have had a headache for 8 hours now, pounding away on the left side of my temple. Pulsing and aggravating. The reason? Baby supplies. I made the mistake of looking online for cribs, bassinets, changing tables, etc. to investigate what is out there and to get an idea on pricing. Three hours later, I had "wish lists" at several online websites of all baby accessories, decorations, gadgets, furniture and anything else that was rated a "must buy." This is my first time around so I do not know if I absolutely need 20 receiving blankets or 3. Why the hell are there so many freaking different types of strollers and diaper bins??!!! What happened to throwing it in the garbage and taking the garbage out every night? Do I need all of these THINGS??!!! So because my headache didn't hurt enough, I went to Target to really get an idea of baby-ness. And I walked right out.

I don't know how women do it. Actually I do, but I figured it out this morning after talking to my mom. There is NO WAY in HELL that women can go through being pregnant without their mom or another woman figure who has gone through the child rearing. It has been a few years since my mom had to raise a newborn and the technology is a little different, but knowing that she did it, and did it well, comforts me and my head. Just keeping it to the basics and going with the mom raised me well and I know I can pass that on to my own baby.

So after my Jamba Juice smoothie and realizing that I do not need EVERYTHING, my head has stopped throbbing for me to finally think clearly. Over the next 6 months, my list will be pages long, but at least I know I can shop over time, rather than immediately.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby Pics

3 Month Belly

5 Weeks

12 weeks


Today was our check up to see the baby's progress and to check on my blood work that I took last week. After lunch at Kings (sushi, mac n' cheese, spinach and our favorite BBQ shrimp), we headed to Kaiser in La Mesa to visit with Ranae Black. She eagerly gave us an ultrasound that showed the baby and all its growth. And my how the baby has grown! We saw the profile perfectly, a distinct (and strong, according to the midwife) spine, little hands and feet and tons of movement. The baby was moving around, grabbing his face, turning his back to us, and kicking. Of course I cannot feel any of this, but he was quite active. His face looked like Tyson's and the doctor said that his legs were quite long. From the ultrasound showing our 5-week-old to the 11 week old picture, the difference was outstanding. From a blob to an actual BABY! Prior to our appointment, I was a little anxious because I didn't know what to expect. Good news or bad news. It is all overwhelming because a life is growing inside of me. My little creation :) We just cannot believe how fast he has grown, but I guess that is the old classic line of all parents...goes by fast!

Monday, October 12, 2009


People say that pregnant women nest (prepare the home by cleaning, organizing and shopping), but I always thought that this "symptom" came on later, when the baby was knocking on the door to come out. But I understand that from the point of learning that your expecting to the moment the baby is in your arms, is relatively, a VERY short time. Nine months may seem like forever, but with baby classes, appointments, shopping, organizing, reading EVERY parent magazine/blog/website/book, cleaning, and setting up the nursery, nine months goes by a little too fast. And so I have begun my nesting....

I woke up early to a cloudy day and my desire to bake was overwhelming. After swinging by the store and Starbucks (1/2 decaf, 1/2 reg with soy), I realized I only had a few moments to get ready and eat breakfast before heading to cousin Hilary's house. She supplied me with a bag full of maternity clothes, as well as some neutral colored baby clothes. With my expanding belly, my wardrobe desperately needed a restocking. Afterwards, I fulfilled my baking desire by baking a Spiced Applesauce Cake with a Cream cheese Cinnamon frosting. The aroma filled the house, smelling like Christmas morning. After baking, I cleaned out the pre-pregnant clothes out of the closet and into the garage, napped, cleaned out the fridge, and finished laundry. Later on, Tys and I ventured out to the garden store for some herbs, flowers and greens. My green thumb has set in.

We have our second appointment tomorrow, hopefully giving us a chance to see the baby. I also want to go to a knitting class that evening. There is always so much to do and so little time. Is it really nesting? Tyson doesn't think so considering I have always been like this, but I see it's nesting for my lil' guy :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Keeping Busy

Yesterday was the first day that I FINALLY felt like an expecting mommy. While I definitely felt something different going on with my body, it has been hard for me to connect with having a baby growing inside of me because I cannot see it externally and I cannot feel it internally. Emotionally, I am full of love and happiness (cheesy, yes..but very true!) But it was yesterday that I fully embraced having a baby and becoming a mother. First line of duty, joining other mothers in San Diego. Realizing that I have very few friends that are married, let alone pregnant, I decided to be part of a group where I can mingle with women who are experiencing the same joys of becoming mamas and also hopefully have future playdates for when the baby arrives. Being that Tyson and I work at night, our days are empty, which I feel that I can fill with fun play dates for baby and grown up time for mommy. Also, networking during the recession is not such a bad thing for us. Hopefully we might even get a party or two out of it, or at least spread the word on CRAVE. Another mommy group that I have joined is a prenatal yoga class that starts the first week in November. I am already feeling the aches and sores of my new body so with this new exersice, I hope to stay in shape, as well as relieve any discomforts from now on (and hopefully ease the birthing process). Like with the New Mommy group, I hope to meet new moms, as well as network within the yoga class. And my last mommy group? KNITTING! I know, I's for grandmas, but with the endless amount of blankets, booties and scarves, no one will go cold! So basically, as one can see, I am bored. With these new "to-do" activites, I hope to make the next 6 months go by fast and to have SOMETHING to do when the baby sleeps all day long (which he will considering we are having THE BEST BABY EVER!!)

My shopping addiction took over yesterday, but it was for a good reason. I bought a pair of jeans that finally fit me and my belly, as well as a few shirts. It is uncomfortable (literally) to feel like your clothes are getting tighter and tighter. I have to constantly convince myslef that it is the growing baby and not my obsession with cupcakes, pasta and pizza. Plus, I need to feel beautiful when my horomones have me breaking out and emotional. Thank God for Tyson's continous praise and love to keep me feel like a goddess. And my jeans that make my butt look FANTASTIC! So with my new clubs, new clothes and on Friday, a new trimester, I am feeling like one happy mommy. I cannot wait to see Taj (???) in the ultrasound pic on Tuesday.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I can’t believe we stumbled upon an at home gender test that is similar to that of the pregnancy tests. Pee and your future is revealed. Advertised in all of the pregnancy magazines, this convenience store bought test can tell you whether your bun in the oven in is a boy or a girl as early as 10 weeks. Simply pee in a cup, syringe some pee in another cup filled with some powdery substance, swirl and wait 10 minutes. If it’s yellow/orange, it’s a girl. Green it’s a boy. After 10 full minutes, I marched back into the bathroom to find the cup a swampy green color. How much do I believe the test? We’ll see come November 20. I did tell future Grandma-to-be and Aunt-to-be to not throw the receipts away from all of the clothes and presents I know they will be shopping for. The package “claims” that the tests are 90% accurate, but I am still not a believer until I see for myself.


I always imagined that once I became pregnant, I would have these horrible, monster like cravings that would be so intense, I could kill…but to no avail, I am a normal girl with a normal desire for food. Pickles and Ice Cream? Mmmkay, just not together. An urgent need for sweets for breakfast? A nice bowl of fruit will suite me fine, thanks. But I think that my obscene appetite before becoming pregnant contributed to my boring eating styles. Anchovy pizza in the morning, sweetbreads for dinner, tripe salad for lunch, bacon and ice cream…been there, done that. And if I do find something particularly tasty, my amazing husband simply stands up, marches in the kitchen, and begins slicing, dicing, boiling and sautéing. Chow mien, beef stew, calzones on the BBQ, poached eggs, smoothies, pasta in a spicy marinara…oh my! Okay now I am hungry for the fifth time today so off to devour granola and soymilk!