Friday, December 18, 2009

The things they never mentioned.....

Christmas is just around the corner and I am proud to say that my endless "to-do" list (no joke, WAS 2 pages long, front and back) is now only a short sticky note. Christmas cards were sent out, lights are strung, presents arrived from Santa (, Christmas tree is decorated and we have Christmas music playing in the background every time we sit for dinner. Next week is full of family time, the exchange of presents, and food. I tried to play Christmas down this year because I know next year will be such a bigger ordeal than any other year prior, but it seems like I cannot help myself in getting into the exciting Christmas spirit.

Having the holidays come and go, as well as moving in a month, has had my 21 weeks of pregnancy fly by faster than I can ever imagine. Every time I put on my T-shirt and jeans, my belly is poking out just a little bit bigger. Tyson and I realized last night just how much I am growing. The kicks are becoming regular and stronger (6am, 10am, 1pm, and then because of work I don't feel him again until 11pm or so). And I am experiencing things that I was not aware I would feel. While I have looked up all of my crazy symptoms up in the pregnancy bible "What to Expect When You're Expecting", I have had some comfort in knowing that everything is quite normal. I just have yet to hear them as forewarnings from friends and family...and trust me, I get an earful at work of endless of advice. From what I should be slathering on myself for stretch marks, how horrible childrearing will be on our marriage, how I will gain 100lbs, morning sickness, and how I should breastfeed until he is 3. And for anyone that knows me, you know my common response to ALL of this is by rolling my eyes and muttering "ya, right." What they didn't share, however, is what I believe are THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTS!

Here are some things I think that future pregnant mommies should be aware of:

-You will find yourself doing motherly/grandmother type of activities. Tea time and crochet will be your favorite activity, ecspecially if the friend is bribing you with Swedish treats and good gossip.

-Yes farting is a problem and some women say that they outdo their husbands. Not the case for me. No one can outdo Tyson....and yet he still blames me

-Documenting everything during your pregnancy is a sick disease. I do not know why I want to save empty bottles of Ranch for my child, or even take pictures of it. Is it because I want him to see that I can go through an entire bottle in a week and put it on everything? I have to step back and breathe and then place it in the recycle bin.

-Your hair and face will NOT be amazing. I look worse now then I did at 12. At least at that age, everyone has acne and rarely showers. My breakouts are unbearable and my hair is unmanageable. BOO on the hormones.

-Some women DO NOT have cravings like pickles and ice cream. If I had a nickel for every time I was asked that, I would be a millionaire. I have never been healthier in how I eat. Granted, I can eat an entire farm out of their fruit and eggs.....

-Nesting happens the entire time you are pregnant..well at least for me. We have never been more organized and clean.

-Yes, your sense of smell is incredible. But working in a restaurant seriously messes with one's mind. At any given time, I can smell nachos, burning pizza, someones cologne, the bathrooms, a putrid BO smell from the pervert at the bar, and lemon drop shots. And this is all combined into one inhalation. YUCK!

-Most women are hot and sweaty throughout their pregnancy. I am the complete opposite. I am freezing. My fingers and toes are ALWAYS cold. I know it is winter and the chill comes with the season, but let's be real. This is San Diego and the coldest day is high 60's. Regardless, I am just as cold as I would be if I were in 20-degree weather. BURRRRRR.....

-And lastly, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being pregnant. Now this is all said BEFORE labor and delivery, but I can do this again. I love experiencing all of the pregnancy woes, good and bad, and I especially love being with my baby all of the time. This is the only time I can have him as mine, and only mine. The bonding is already beginning and I cannot wait to continue it on with Tyson. Being parents is such an amazing feeling and we cannot wait to love our little guy from outside the womb.

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