Thursday, October 1, 2009


I always imagined that once I became pregnant, I would have these horrible, monster like cravings that would be so intense, I could kill…but to no avail, I am a normal girl with a normal desire for food. Pickles and Ice Cream? Mmmkay, just not together. An urgent need for sweets for breakfast? A nice bowl of fruit will suite me fine, thanks. But I think that my obscene appetite before becoming pregnant contributed to my boring eating styles. Anchovy pizza in the morning, sweetbreads for dinner, tripe salad for lunch, bacon and ice cream…been there, done that. And if I do find something particularly tasty, my amazing husband simply stands up, marches in the kitchen, and begins slicing, dicing, boiling and sautéing. Chow mien, beef stew, calzones on the BBQ, poached eggs, smoothies, pasta in a spicy marinara…oh my! Okay now I am hungry for the fifth time today so off to devour granola and soymilk!

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