Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Countdown begins.....

As sad as it may be, I really do not know which one I am more excited about so I have decided to just admit that I am the luckiest girl alive. Not only does New Moon come out, the movie I have been patiently waiting for to premiere for what seems like FOREVER, but I also find out the gender of the baby, which I have been patiently waiting for, for what seems like FOREVER. It is a double whammy of great news and excitement. And this week I know will fly by.

With the week behind Tyson and I, we are exhausted, relieved and anxious. On Monday, it was week two of my prenatal yoga. This has been such a relaxing experience for me because I am able to exercise safely, learn nutritional benefits, and stretch my body. The women in the group are so nice and I cannot say enough on how comforting it is to have fellow pregnant women around me. It almost feels like home when I am enter the lavender scented room. And my absolute favorite part to it all? The last 15 minutes we spend laying on our pillows, with soothing "eye pillows" and nature sounds. Complete bliss. Tuesday was not a typical date night, let alone a nice day off. With San Diego Beer week in full effect, Tyson and I spent 8+ hours cooking for the Beer and Food pairing for the evening and also prepping for the week's events. My reward? The bread pudding Tyson made with Chili Chocolate Sauce and Cinnamon Spiced Whipped Cream. Well worth the sore feet and aching back.

Wednesday was a GREAT day for Tyson because according to him, he shot the best game of golf EVER! I really have no idea what that means, or what par, birdie and eagle mean, but I think I remember something about shooting a 70-something. I congratulated like I knew what that meant....hugs, kisses and jumping up and down....Another exciting activity that I did on Wednesday was attend a focus group I had heard from my "New and Expecting Mommies" group. For an hour, I was asked questions regarding a baby product made by Infantile, the packaging, the likelihood of me purchasing the item and so forth. For my honest answers, I left $60 richer and a bag full of toys! It was EASY and FUN! Thursday and Friday, and even Saturday rolled into one big mess of long hours at work, REALLY sore feet, EXCRUCIATING back pains, and TONS of beer geeks for Beer Week....but LOTS of money. And so my Friday is Sunday--my last day of my work week. Can't be happier with a belly full of my mom's tacos, Chargers beating the Eagles, a mugful of hot tea, and another busy week ahead of me to keep it going fast.

What to look forward to this week:
Prenatal Yoga
Meet Ups w/ other pregnant moms for lunch on Tues. and a walk in Balboa Park on Wed.
Baking zucchini bread
New Moon premiere
Finding out sex of baby
Jenn's birthday
Learning more about baby's eating/sleeping habits in my book Baby Wise
Date Night at a new restaurant

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