Thursday, August 26, 2010

Max at the Beach

On Monday we ventured to the cool coast to get away from our hot and humid condo.  We had a BBQ at my Dad's house and then went fishing at dusk.  It was a beautiful night as the Bahia Belle sailed in and out of dock, the fireworks blasted off in the distant and our little family cuddled in the crisp beach breeze.  This was Max's first beach trip and while he seemed to enjoy it, he quickly passed out in his car seat. 
Relaxing at the BBQ
Hanging out on the Bay

Mommy and Max

The Blakes!

Bundling Max up for the cool beach night

Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh the Changes

Everyday is a journey and a learning lesson for Maxon's growing and curious mind.  Tyson and I are eager to enrich his life, his young life, in every possible way.  We can see him learning right before our eyes.  We LOVE to be part of his firsts.  In the short amount of time of 3 young months, Maxon has learned to grasp with with two fingers, roll over, screech and make a "thsp" sound.  He loves his toes and plays with them when we sit him in his BUMBO (which we have to watch him in now because he likes to buck out of it by arching his back and extending his legs) and when we change his diaper.  While he continues to be breastfed, he is slowly beginning to take formula because I am unable to produce as much as he would like to consume.  He is a very large boy.  His legs and arms are getting bigger and if those cheeks expand anymore, I might have to take a large bite out of is VERY hard to resist right now.  He can see a lot better, as he notices Sonny, people and his mommy and daddy.  He now gets excited when he see us.  He also has started to reach out for us when he wants to be picked up!  Oh and he holds his own bottle.  Too freakin' cute.  He is losing his hair on the sides of his head, but no have no fear, he still has his Mohawk/Alfalfa hair that we adore.  His eyes seem to be getting lighter in color, as well as his hair.  Maxon loves his bath, loves to sleep (I have to WAKE HIM UP!), loves to be out and about (he is cranky if we stay at home all day) and is so peaceful. 

Gosh, we love him.......

Having our picnic in La Jolla      
Standing tall!

Giving Daddy BIG kisses
Maxon wearing the monkey mask
Hanging with the Gorillas
Fun at the Zoo!
Chilling Poolside with his shades on
Playing on his mat.  Max talks to the monkey.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Not-So-Little Boy

Max wakes up every morning as a new person.  I swear that when I grab him from his crib to feed him in the morning, he has learned something new and has become more of a little boy than a baby. 

Our amazing little guy has been sleeping through the night, going to bed at 8, waking up at 7 for a quick feed and then sleeping until 1030ish.  I cannot believe Tyson and I are blessed with such a good child. 

Max has learned to razz and loves to spit, in addition to all of his drool.  He is a drool monster and I constantly have to change his bibs, as they are soaked through within an hour.  As of yesterday, Max has also started rolling over.  Today, Tyson put together his little chair that has toys on the tray and where he can walk around in.  He is in pure heaven. 

As for me, I am learning so many things, as a new mother.  Yes, I have changed, but in ways I would have never expected.  And now that I think of it, I am proud to say that I fully embrace what I am taking out of my new status as "mother". 

What I have learned as a new mommy;

  • Laundry is NEVER done

  • There are many ways to cover up spots and smells on your shirt (from baby puke)

  • I can go an entire day without eating

  • I can scarf down a meal in one minute FLAT

  • I can do SOOOO many things with one hand

  • It is okay to not have a perfectly clean house

  • Showering is overrated

  • It takes at least 3 hours to get everyone ready

  • I will always forget something 

  • Things could always be worse

  • A poopy diaper will happen in the most inconvenient places

  • Always know where the nearest garbage and bathroom is

  • Always carry an extra EVERYTHING

  •  Having a living room cluttered with play mats, swings, baby chairs, rattles and blankets is...........cute
And I am sure there are many more, but these are the ones that stick out the most.  I am constantly learning and loving with my boys!

Auntie Katie bought this for Max when she was in NY.  Tyson, the Anti-Yankees fan, quickly changed him.
Max in the tree.  He LOVES being outside.
Max has been trying to hold his bottle.  Such a strong guy! 
Max loves his SKULLS!
The 5 generations!  We went to the Bay Area for a family get together this past weekend.
Max loved his plane ride.  He slept, ate, played and cooed.  My perfect baby!