Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Adding to our little family

**I wrote this three weeks ago but forgot to post**

A year ago, we didn't expect to have two little babes running our lives.  Having Max was a blessing enough for us.  But with how our lives have changed and just how much love we have for Max, we decided that having a baby brother or sister for Max would complete our Blake Family.

And so we got PREGNANT!

A few days before my birthday, I took a pregnancy test and with the positive results, we celebrated not only adding to our family, but my 30th birthday, buying a new house and taking a trip to Hawaii.  While I couldn't participate in the physical activities on our trip (and the libations!), I did manage to relax, eat and sight see-a recipe for a perfect trip.

So here I am, at 14 weeks pregnant and we are cherishing every moment with our growing baby in my belly and my growing baby outside of my belly, that is not quite a baby anymore.  Even though it was only a few years ago since I had my last babe, the memories have quickly faded of what I experienced. I am again a frequent eater, bathroom visitor and busy, busy, busy with baby preparation.  I am still working as well so when I add a rambunctious two and a half year old who is excited for Christmas and Santa, it is no wonder that I am exhausted at 8:30, after I put Max down.

We have been to the doctor a few times to check the health of the baby and so far, they have declared that it is a BOY (YIPEEEEE!!!!), that he has a strong heartbeat, no signs of Downs or any other chromosomal differences and that I will deliver ever a week prior to my due date (June 4), if I do not go into labor before then.  With my previous C-section, a scheduled delivery is mandatory and quite frankly, it is  what I prefer.  Baby brothers room is getting together slowly , but what has been so AMAZING is the passing on of clothes and equipment from close friends.  Because we didn't think we were going to have another baby, I gave everything away (DOH!).  But with karma being oh-so-kind, we have received so many thoughtful items.  It has saved our pocketbook tremendously.

Big brother Max, now 2 1/2, is a little man.  He is hilarious, quick witted and fun loving.  His bad days are funny, but learning experiences.  Tyson and I are slowly adapting to teaching life's lessons of no-hitting, no-biting, no-pushing, no-talking back and it is quite frustrating when he is so good 99% of the time.  We don't like to yell and we don't hit so when time outs don't work, we are out of breath and patience.  I have some reading and research to do......

This is the first year for Max that Christmas is an exciting time.  He understands Santa, didn't cry when he sat on his lap, can sing some Christmas carols and is thrilled to decorate.  With so many things to do in San Diego, we are loving every moment of the Christmas spirit. We have an advent calender (two of different sorts) that counts down the arrival of Santa, will be making cookies and handmade ornaments and have admired lights with hot cocoa in hand. 

In other news regarding Max, he is still not potty trained and it is annoying the heck outta me.  I WILL NOT be changing two babies diapers---this is a promise that Max will be forced to make to me.  He is however, transitioning well into becoming a big boy.  He now has a bunk bed and big boy sheets and pillows.  While we thought he would take some time getting used to it, he fell in love with it all.  For the upcoming year, we have sports, preschool and music class to look forward to.  My little boy is getting bigger and bigger every single day

So many events to look forward to in 2013! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Max, Age 2

My Max.......

He is two and my best partner in crime.  How he can get cuter and cuter everyday, I am still trying to figure that out.  I put him to bed each night and it seems as though he has grown another inch by morning.  I cherish every moment with him, but I am not wishing the tantrums and attitude to linger any longer.

Max, at 29 months (I honestly NEVER say his months anymore so he is now TWO and in a little bit he will be TWO AND A HALF....who says months anymore??!!!), 37 1/2 inches tall, has a stocky frame with a belly full of laughter and yogurt.  This summer, we are constantly running away from the heat so we are swimming as much as possible (which BTW helps get my lil' guy realllly tired).  With much practice and Daddy's never ending patience, Max is a terrific swimmer and can go under water like Nemo.  In no time, he will be our next lil' Olympic swimmer. 

Max's go-to food and snacks consist of anything and everything, but he BEYOND favorites are fro yo, grapes, chicken tenders, cheese (from Taste cheese, perferably), green juice, any fruit, zucchini and anything yummy that Aunt Cupcake makes.  His favorite shows are Dinosaur Train and......well that is about it.  BUT he does love, love, love Toy Story 3, Finding Nemo and Lion King. 

For playtime, Max keeps his Woody and Buzz close by, as well as any figurine that is related to Dinosaur Train.  His Gigi, Papa and Grandma gave him a castle and some knights, and plays catapults and dragons.  Tyson and I are always eavesdropping in on his conversations that he has with his toys.  Max is so caring and nuturing when he "accidently" rolls over his toys with his bike.  He can hit a T-ball very far, can kick a soccer ball very far and can throw a ball very hard. Max is all boy.

Max's besties are still the usual crew-Maia, David, Carter, Ryan, Cadence, Jackson and Coraline, but he has a special little relationship with Vann Mann.  Even though they hang out on rare occasions, he loves the way she talks to him, plays so gently with him and constantly teaching him things. She is a great friend.

It is without a doubt that this is my favorite time with Max.  He is becoming more independent and can speak his wants (or demands) without crying.  He is silly, participates in a class setting and has the funniest point of view on life.  With the holidays coming up, I am becoming more and more excited for him to really take in the traditions and to make more memories.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Week of 2012

We definitely didn't go into 2012 with an empty tummy.  Celebrating the Eve of the New Year, we went to our annual oyster/sushi/shrimp feast at King's Fish House.  We ate till we couldn't fit another piece of fish in and ventured home where we cuddled as a family as New York rang in 2012.  After Max went down at 9, Tyson and I managed to stay up a little  past midnight for the West Coast New Year celebration.

New Years Day was celebrated eating (no surprise there, huh?) We went to a friends house where we devoured more oysters and sipped champagne.  Max's favorites of the day were helping "Uncle Nate" eat Christmas cookies, splashing in the spa, assisting Daddy with shucking the oysters and coloring with paints and crayons.
After a much needed nap, Max assisted Daddy with oysters 

Monday and Tuesday were sick days for Mommy.  Belly wasn't liking the overabundance of rich food so a detox/diet is in order....but nothing too CRAZY!

Wednesday, the Blake Fam went to the Aquarium to check out whales, fish and octopus.  Should have brought more clothes for Max because with the amazing warm weather and the amount of splashing he did in the tide pools, he was drenched!  Max touched starfish, admired the BIG fish in the tanks, learned about water conservation and was a participant in a mock TV news show.  He had a blast!

La Jolla Birch Aqaurium

On Thursday, Max and I went to "class" (a Parent/Child class given by the Continuing Education Program), which we hadn't gone to in quite some time.  His friends David and Maia were there, as well.  We played at Lindbergh Park, sang songs, jumped around under the parachute and popped bubbles.  After, we met some friends at Jasmine where Max stuffed himself on Dim Sum.  His favorites? Steamed and Sticky Buns, Sticky rice wrapped in tea leaves and shumai.  Everyone was impressed on how much Max could eat.

Our Meetup group visited the Zoo on Friday where we got to see the Polar Bears eat, play in a helicopter, take a bus to see the tigers, monkeys and flamingos, and read a story about a Mommy and Baby polar bear.

We headed to Suzie's Farm on Saturday for a self-guided farm tour.  While Max wasn't feeling too great, he still managed to put on a smiling face for his friends and keep his legs moving up and down the rows.  We tasted mustard greens, arugula and spinach, played in the dirt and waved at passing by horses trotting on the road.

While Mommy went to work on Sunday, Daddy and Max enjoyed a boys day of running around Lake Murray, skipping rocks in the water, feeding ducks and watching football.
Relaxing with Daddy

GREAT first week on the year!