Monday, August 29, 2011

Coronado Fun

We do not take advantage of San Diego.  We use every fun filled activity possible and find every reason to never stay home. We have passes to most attractions and  enjoy all of the events that the sunny weather allows SD to have.  

And for our Monday, it is no different than any other day.  With a packed lunch for Max, yet without a plan, we headed to Coronado to enjoy its beaches and boats coming in and out of port.  There is so much to do for little ones and we knew we would have to rush our playtime because of Max's schedule.  

So with 2 hours to take it all in we sipped on espresso as we window shopped, chased birds, waved at the boats, frolicked in the sand and even convinced Max to wear sunglasses.  We filled our bellies at the Coronado Brewing Company before heading home.  Max was wiped out and is still napping, dreaming about the view......

Window Shopping

Mommy and Daddy's much needed Espresso 

Check out the new shades!

Boats and Agua and Birds and Sand and Airplanes!!!!

Getting really worn out

I had to add this one because he is too cute!

**** At Max's 15 month appointment, he weighed in at 27lbs and in 34 inches tall.  My big little man!!!****

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Change of Address

We have successfully moved in to our new place.  We now have french style doors, dark hardwood floors, granite countertops, new paint and windows, CENTRAL AC (!!!!).....everything about it feels like home.  Both Tyson and I always feel at home, wherever we are, as long as we are together as a family, but this new home of ours, just feels like us.  It has more loooove in it.

Max is doing great in his new room too.  We put up all of his animal pictures and a dinosaur drawing that I did when I was a little girl.  We also bought a bright green table for him to color, draw and create at.  I would like to put some shelving in his room for all of his books since he is so obssesed with reading.

A new and funny thing that Max is saying is calling Tyson, "Tyson" and not Daddy.  I think that because he hears me calling T by his full name, he is just mimicking me, but it does kind of irritate Tyson.  Hearing Max say Mommy or Daddy is like music to our ears, but you cannot help but to chuckle when we are in public and he screeches "TYSON!"

He makes us giggle......