Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Keeping Busy

Yesterday was the first day that I FINALLY felt like an expecting mommy. While I definitely felt something different going on with my body, it has been hard for me to connect with having a baby growing inside of me because I cannot see it externally and I cannot feel it internally. Emotionally, I am full of love and happiness (cheesy, yes..but very true!) But it was yesterday that I fully embraced having a baby and becoming a mother. First line of duty, joining other mothers in San Diego. Realizing that I have very few friends that are married, let alone pregnant, I decided to be part of a group where I can mingle with women who are experiencing the same joys of becoming mamas and also hopefully have future playdates for when the baby arrives. Being that Tyson and I work at night, our days are empty, which I feel that I can fill with fun play dates for baby and grown up time for mommy. Also, networking during the recession is not such a bad thing for us. Hopefully we might even get a party or two out of it, or at least spread the word on CRAVE. Another mommy group that I have joined is a prenatal yoga class that starts the first week in November. I am already feeling the aches and sores of my new body so with this new exersice, I hope to stay in shape, as well as relieve any discomforts from now on (and hopefully ease the birthing process). Like with the New Mommy group, I hope to meet new moms, as well as network within the yoga class. And my last mommy group? KNITTING! I know, I's for grandmas, but with the endless amount of blankets, booties and scarves, no one will go cold! So basically, as one can see, I am bored. With these new "to-do" activites, I hope to make the next 6 months go by fast and to have SOMETHING to do when the baby sleeps all day long (which he will considering we are having THE BEST BABY EVER!!)

My shopping addiction took over yesterday, but it was for a good reason. I bought a pair of jeans that finally fit me and my belly, as well as a few shirts. It is uncomfortable (literally) to feel like your clothes are getting tighter and tighter. I have to constantly convince myslef that it is the growing baby and not my obsession with cupcakes, pasta and pizza. Plus, I need to feel beautiful when my horomones have me breaking out and emotional. Thank God for Tyson's continous praise and love to keep me feel like a goddess. And my jeans that make my butt look FANTASTIC! So with my new clubs, new clothes and on Friday, a new trimester, I am feeling like one happy mommy. I cannot wait to see Taj (???) in the ultrasound pic on Tuesday.

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