Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today was our check up to see the baby's progress and to check on my blood work that I took last week. After lunch at Kings (sushi, mac n' cheese, spinach and our favorite BBQ shrimp), we headed to Kaiser in La Mesa to visit with Ranae Black. She eagerly gave us an ultrasound that showed the baby and all its growth. And my how the baby has grown! We saw the profile perfectly, a distinct (and strong, according to the midwife) spine, little hands and feet and tons of movement. The baby was moving around, grabbing his face, turning his back to us, and kicking. Of course I cannot feel any of this, but he was quite active. His face looked like Tyson's and the doctor said that his legs were quite long. From the ultrasound showing our 5-week-old to the 11 week old picture, the difference was outstanding. From a blob to an actual BABY! Prior to our appointment, I was a little anxious because I didn't know what to expect. Good news or bad news. It is all overwhelming because a life is growing inside of me. My little creation :) We just cannot believe how fast he has grown, but I guess that is the old classic line of all parents...goes by fast!

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