Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I truly believe that I am keeping Chipotle, apple farmers and Dim Sum restaurants in business. I know that with pregnancy comes cravings, but teh insane urgency to eat these items is rather hilarious. Last night I told Tyson that I think I could kill for food. While he laughed at my severe statement, I don't think he knows how serious I was. I told my doctor that I have had a sudden increase in hunger and how I go from completely fine to starving, like Mr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. She laughed and explained that my blood sugar level plummets more with pregnancy and to make sure that I am eating healthy food choices, rather than sweets and fatty foods. Well lucky for me and my little guy, I love apple, cereal with bananas, cottage cheese, applesauce, and anything else fruit filled. My guilty pleasure? Dim Sum and Chipotle. Even thinking about them makes my tummy rumble. And I wonder if our little guy's favorite food will be my ever so intense cravings.....

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we take off to Visalia for Thanksgiving. Tyson and I are looking forward to our mini vacation, never ending eating and spending time with family. Visalia isn't the greatest place to consider a dreamy getaway, but with our busy work schedule, we are thrilled to get away. We are fully aware that we will come back 5 pounds heavier, but the turkey, gravy, tamales and pumpkin pie will be well worth it. And whether it was the Pilgrims or the Indians who started Thanksgiving, I am pretty sure that they had pregnant women in mind when they decided on what to feast on. They are geniuses and I am thankful for this day.

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