Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thanksgiving and December Fun

Today was a BAD day.....

Not because it was raining, or that my cell phone decided to kaput on me......

It was because in the 19 months that Max has been my son, this was the first (yes, I know, I am spoiled) night that Max woke up every 20-30 minutes.  After bringing him into bed with us, he found it necessary to lay with me cheek to cheek and would only fall asleep this way.  So despite the drool, sweaty body, snoring and snot, I allowed it and I even fell asleep for a few minutes.  As I was hoping for a nice long nap (which Max will usually take for 3 hours), I only managed another 20 minute nap.  And was Max a miserable mess all day?  No.  He was playful and funny.  He ate REALLY well and even cheered at his Wheel of Fortune.

So all is forgiven.  I am just hoping ONE night of sleep.  YAWN.....

Sharing some Rice Krispy Treats with Papa

Best looking Blake boys!

Blake Fam

My naked HUNGRY baby

First time on timeout and he was just SO crushed!

My boys on the Choo-choo Xmas Train

With Coraline at Seaworld

Daddy Love

Behind the scenes with the Elephants

Learning about Dung Beetles

Dressing up for Halloween

My lil' Caveman


December Nights at Balboa Park


Dancing with the Christmas music

Spreading the Christmas Cheer

Crazy Lil' Elf