Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Shower

We had an exceptional baby shower this past weekend, despite our weather woes. It was no worry for us, however, because we had a gazebo to cover our large party and the beautiful scenery distracted any worry for us. Tyson and I were honored by the amount of people that showed up to help celebrate the upcoming family member and were taken even more by surprise of the gifts that people brought us. Our friend Keith gave us Nikes, Air Forces, Lebron's to last until Max is a year. My mom bought us Max's homecoming outfit and our friend Chantel and Cole bought us the CUTEST socks with fire engines----these are just to name a few. We received endless amounts of clothes, bottles, toys, bibs and hats. We also got our favorites......GIFT CARDS! Now we can get the last minute items to complete his nursery.

I started another round of yoga at Sharp Hospital and while I wasn't too fond of the first class, I enjoyed myself on the second round. I felt lighter and more relaxed afterwards. I know Max enjoyed himself, but thought it was a boxing class, rather than a meditation class. He was throwing jabs and punches as I was leaning into lunges. On tonight's yoga class, Max relaxed more and so did I. These yoga classes are such a treat for me and I cannot get enough of them!

Seems like he is every so busy in his womb because he is constantly moving, especially during chow time. I don't know if it is because he is getting restless or just excited with what I am eating/talking about/doing at the time. He is thankfully not active at night so I am assuming he is sleeping, like he should once he is born. From what I hear from friends and other pregnant women, sleeping becomes extremely uncomfortable at this stage with many trips to the bathroom, heartburn, and an active baby. With the exception of peeing a lot, I am sleeping amazingly ****knock on wood!****

A first for me today----my craving for raw onions. I had an urgent need to eat raw onions today so for lunch, I ordered a burger with extra onions. I couldn't get enough of the onions and almost ate them by themselves, but held back. The intense bitterness, spiciness and crunch is all I can think of. And instead of being offended by my stinky breath, Tyson happily joins in my onion obsession.

This is my last week of working five nights a week and I am looking forward to having more time to organize for Max's arrival. I am finding that working the 5 long shifts has taken a toll on my back and legs and with my belly getting in the way, it is for the better. I am hoping that April 1 will begin my time off, but it may be sooner than anticipated. I am physically feeling up to working the shorter shifts, but my expanding belly is just too much for what I do at work. I also understand that I need to take more care of my body and not push myself. I started feeling sick after the baby shower on Sunday and realized how much work and strain I had put on my body. After a long night's sleep and some soothing tea, I felt 100% on Monday morning. It was by body telling me to take it easy and I am learning to listen to it very carefully.....

With that said, my body is telling me that I NEED A BOWL OF CEREAL! My late snack is calling my name.

Grandpa D and Daddy T giving a cheers to Max


Tys and I with a few of the Grandmas

Cake by our friend Nikki! Gorgeous!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday, Fat Belly

7 1/2 months!

The three amazing men in my life came through for me last week. My dad bought us our crib and had it sent to the house (as well as the high chair), my brother set up the crib and my lovely husband put together the high chair. What would I do without them?
Uncle Stephen meticulously putting together the crib
Looking Good, Daddy!
Some big events to catch up on---

Not last Saturday, but the Saturday before, we had our 4D ultrasound to see who Max looks like and drum roll please.....he looks perfect! From what we can see, he has my lips, and a lot of Tyson's face shape (chubby cheeks, defined forehead). He even opened his eyes! Alex, Stephen, my mom and dad, and Tyson's mom, all made it to the appointment and were in complete awe of the detail. Max was being a bit stubborn by placing his hands in front of his face, but with repositioning myself on my side and a little pushing by the doctor, he let us have a peek of his beautiful face. The doctor also said that he might be a lefty because he kept grabbing his umbilical cord with his left hand. Tyson is already preparing himself by playing sports as a lefty so he can be just like his boy. Another amazing moment was seeing Max's brain hard at work. He is so smart already (as Tyson would say) and he even has hair growing on his precious scalp! My lil' monster is going to be one hairy bear. I cannot wait!

The next day was Superbowl Sunday and Tyson and I couldn't have been more excited to eat and sit at home in front of our new HD TV. With my mom and sister, MIL, and our dear friend Matt, we cheered on the New Orleans Saints to their wonderful victory against the Indianapolis Colts. Tyson, like the caveman he is, made wings in our deep fryer and pizzas on the grill. We stuffed our faces beforehand with veggies, chips and salsa, hummus, and fruit and quenched our thirst with beer (N/A for me). We were so happy and cozy in our little home filled with LOTS of love and food.

I also attempted to begin a new prenatal yoga session, but found it to be a little too easy for me and never felt any relief like I had been feeling with my previous class. I LOVE LOVE LOVE yoga and was completely disappointed with not liking it, but with Tyson's encouragement, I agreed to give it one more chance. I can also use up my classes after Max is here with Baby Yoga and Postnatal Yoga, which makes me feel better about spending the money. For our Tuesday date night, Tyson and I ventured into another baby class, Baby Care Basics. It was our last of the the three classes and the most boring of them all. It was full of how to change the diaper, swaddling the baby and when to feed the baby. I was shocked to see that almost half of the class did not know how to change a diaper! I am so glad that Tyson and I have experience due to our beautiful brother and sisters.

The remaining of the week was spent prepping for the Alesmith Beer and Food Pairing on Valentines Day and beginning preparations for the Baby Shower. I also have a new mommy passion of going to Garage Sales which I have been trying to go every weekend, bright and early, and scour for home decor items, barely used baby clothes and playpens (for Grandmas House!) Everything is such a bargain!

Valentines day was a success with our Beer Dinner in the evening and a late night in-door romantic picnic for Tyson and I. We treated ourselves to good cheese, a baguette, olives and chocolate fondue ( and yes we did dip the olives in chocolate...I am pregnant!) Max even got a Valentine from our friend Nicole. Tyson says he son already has "player" skills. I told him that I am the ONLY girl in both of their lives.....
And so we have arrived to the week of the shower and I cannot wait to be around friends and family who are just as excited to meet Max as we are. There is much planning and prepping to do still, but we know that it is going to be well worth it. This morning we had another appointment where we listened to his heartbeat (nice and strong at 130bpm) and measured his size (which he says is a "good" size....what does THAT mean??!!! "Good" size=BIG BABY??!!!!) I have started feeling some minor stretching of my ligaments that feel like a stitch in your side after running. Nothing too intense, but my body is slowly wearing out. I climb the stairs a little bit slower, roll over with some help with Tyson and dread getting out of bed because I know the process will be long and hard.

And for our Tuesday date night, Tyson and I are celebrating Fat Tuesday and the remainder of Chinese New Year. We had Dim Sum for lunch and cooked grilled oysters like the ones we indulged on in New Orleans. We feel like we are contributing to the festivities, even if we are secretly indulging in our cravings. And as I sit here typing away on the blog, Tyson is feeding me the oysters, making sauteed mushrooms and dancing to the country music we have playing in the background. Every sentence that comes out of our mouths starts with "When Max is here..." or "I cannot wait for when Max is here so we can...." We know our date nights will forever be different and we are impatiently waiting for them to begin!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are we there yet?

Max's closet. Some of his clothes, but many more that still needs to be.
The start of his shelves. We have yet to REALLY organize it

We haven't set everything where we would like it (still waiting for the crib), but we are slowly putting it together. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his changing table!

Tyson surprised me with flowers....my romantic, handsome, thoughtful husband

Month 7!!!

It is not that I am tired of being pregnant or tired of carrying the extra load....it is just that I am tired.
In my fast paced 7 month pregnancy, my life has been anything but boring. I like it this because for one-makes the time go by really fast, and two-there is so much to freaking do! This week has been another whirlwind of events and as I sit here typing away, I am officially exhausted! With keeping up with decorating our new home, we are also planning (and shopping) for Max's nursery. I finally got around to buying the baskets for his changing table as well as updated the registry with the car seat, bottles, pacifiers, and jogging stroller (the highly desired BOB stroller that I have found to be PERFECT for Tyson and I). While my intention for Monday night was to begin another round of prenatal yoga, I realized that with EVERYTHING I do, I needed permission from my midwife (which I was without). So instead, I hung out at home, devoured pizza and enjoyed family time. Tuesday was another indulgent day with a prenatal massage and lunch with a friend. In the evening Tyson and I went to our second of three baby classes, the breastfeeding class. We learned about latching on, different holds, and storage information. Being that this is our first time, we learned A LOT!
As the week continues, so does our fun life. Tyson has been enjoying our new location across the street from Mission Trails. He and Sonny have gone on many adventurous hikes and runs (I go on the "safer", flat hikes) and have taken advantage of the beautiful San Diego days. He is also loving his new tennis workout with our friend Mitch. The weather has been chilly, yet clear so this is perfect for playing outside. Meanwhile, I have my green thumb back and have began planning for my garden. I am starting to plant some herbs, potatoes, lettuce and radishes, as well as maintaining my eggplant, bell peppers, and jalapenos. I am also cooking up a storm (just finished a lemon meringue pie!) and have SLOWLY stepped back into my photography. This week also marks the second week for my online courses. Oh and I am trying to learn to read crochet patterns! And plan my baby shower! And plan a Superbowl get together! And prep for the Feb. 14 beer dinner! PHEW! It seems like a lot, but really, I take it slow and enjoy everything that I am doing because really, I am doing this ALL for Max and our little family. I love doing it all and with it ALL, I still find time to take my naps.....and trust me, Tyson makes me!
Next week, I start my "kick card." This is where I will record how long it takes for Max to move 10 times. If it takes longer than 2 hours, then there is a reason for concern and I have to call my doctor to be checked out. I know that it will take 2 minutes for him to move 10 times when he is active. When he isn't sleeping, he is moving around A LOT. I can now feel his little body parts when he kicks and turns. He seems to be lying horizontal because I can feel his head or back on my right side (his favorite side) and kicks on my left. He should be turning into position soon so the kicks will be directed right at my ribs (FUN). We are also looking forward to seeing him in the 4D ultrasound this Saturday. We are constantly wondering what he looks like and whose features he will take on, so with this detailed ultrasound, hopefully we will get a better idea. We cannot wait!
I still have some assignments to complete and a little bit of kitchen clean up before bed so I am off to get that done before my beauty sleep. So much to look forward to, I don't know how I will be able to sleep!