Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Date Night

Sitting in our kitchen in my PJ's and watching Tyson cook dinner has to be the best way we like to spend our Tuesday Date Nights. We started them some time ago when we realized that both of us liked hanging out with our friends and rarely spent time enjoying ourselves, by ourselves. With working nights and running errands and spending time with fam and amigos on our off nights, we "force" ourselves to take time out. Tonight we are having a feast of steaks, garlic bread, salad, rosemary potatoes and a spread of pasteurized cheeses---my favorite meal!

On our two days off, we went to the Rancho Bernardo pumpkin patch where we found our way through the corn maze and picked out three pumpkins. Next week, we'll do our carving. Afterwards, we regretfully watched the Chargers MNF game as they lost to Denver, but at least we had good company with the Math's, Matt Mann, Angie and Mom and Sis. It hasn't been a great start for our Chargers, but I am hoping for a comeback.

Today was a busy day with taking Mom to the dentist, shopping, pedicure, lunch and knitting class....okay so maybe not too busy, but definitely fun. My first knitting class went well and I am off to a great scarf. My next goal are baby booties!

As far as the baby goes, nothing new. While I think I am feeling small flutters in my belly, I am not sure if they are the baby or gas. I am also not as tired as I have been, but one thing that HAS increased is my hunger. I have been good, however, with eating fruit smoothies, fruit, cottage cheese, grains, veggies and anything else that is healthy for us. I did HAVE to splurge on McD's french fries, though. It was my Mom's fault. We did get our first baby gift today from the grandma-to-be. My Mom crocheted a very soft blue (??!!) blanket and also bought us a package full of baby lotion, oils, ointments and all of the other Baby Johnson products. Tyson and I oohed and aahed over them and put them against my belly to show the baby. My belly grumbled in return so I better go eat some food!

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