Saturday, November 21, 2009

Now Presenting......

A WIENER!!!! Our little Blake now has an identity. I can now refer to our baby as a "he" and can finally start shopping!! A huge relief has passed over us. I cannot imagine how people can hold out on finding out the sex until birth. With the amount of shopping and planning, this is a vital piece of information. There has been much excitement that I have been neglecting to write about and from this point on, I promise to update the baby blog much more often that I have been. Again, this is a PROMISE!

The arrow points to the penis!

So along with baby BOY news, other new feelings and surprises include feeling the baby from the outside of my belly, increase in appetite, relief of breakouts on my face (thanks Dr. Condino!), finishing up the registry, shopping for new house items, seeing the premiere of New Moon, beginning Christmas shopping, getting a clear on baby's development and growth, and the final arrival of Turkey Day. Within a week, a lot has developed and accomplished, yet my list of "To-Do's" is still soooooo long.

Because of the holiday week (and speaking of, since when do public schools take the whole week off??!!! My errands become so challenging when the ENTIRE family goes to the mall and grocery store. Don't they know I am pregnant and PISSY AND NEED TO SHOP??!!!) so because of the holiday week, my prenatal yoga was cancelled, but my workouts do not stop. I feel so much better after being outside and working the insane amount of food off that I have consumed for breakfast/lunch/dinner. With daily walks, gym and occasional yoga/Pilate's videos, my energy is high throughout the day. I am also attempting to get into Kettle Bell exercise classes that benefit strengthening the pelvic muscles for labor. Anything to help!

Today Tyson and I went to our check up appointment to get results from my second trimester blood screening and sonogram. Our midwife gave us two thumbs up and said that the baby looked great and measured perfectly. We listened to his heartbeat and discussed my "healthy" appetite. Afterwards, we did a little shopping therapy for some maternity clothes and shirts for daddy. The rest of the day, we cleaned, cooked, watched movies, went on a walk, and enjoyed our quiet, relaxing night. We know how to appreciate these nights, knowing that in just a few months, our date nights will consist of poopy diapers and crying. We cannot wait.

Look at how adorable he is when he sucks his thumb!!

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