Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 16

How fast the time has passed as I roll into week 16...which translates to 4 MONTHS!!! I cannot believe it myself that I am already almost halfway there. I love being pregnant and I even love my growing belly that has expanded (ALOT!) One thing that I did notice at my prenatal yoga class last week was that I am actually smaller than my peers. Some were 10 -12 weeks and quite a bit bigger than I am. Some customers at work even commented on how small I was compared to their pregnant wives/girlfriends. So on Friday, at my 16 week transition, Tyson and I decided to take my 4 month picture to see the difference. And boy is there one! Even over the next few days I can tell a difference in the way my shirts fit. Tyson cannot keep his hands off of my belly and tells me everyday how more beautiful I have become. I need those loving words with the weight gain, breakouts on the face and cranky monster I turn into when I am hungry or tired. And our impatience grows with the gender reveal only two weeks away. Next Friday will determine our fate! Ballet shows, bows and ponies OR football games, mudpies and trucks? Cannot wait!

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