Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Friends, Presents and FOOD!

My amazing husband came home early from a guys night on Monday to smother me in kisses and insist that I eat some food, since a bowl of cereal was not a substantial dinner for his little growing boy and wife. While I sat in bed crocheting away, Tyson prepared lasagna and topped it with my favorite craving, a fried egg. Along side he remembered to bring me my prentatl vitamin and soda water and brought all of this to our bed. I couldn't help but to take a picture of his thoughtful, sincere gesture. I am so grateful to have my best friend by my side. Tyson also surprised me with our diaper bag (another thing crossed off our endless "to-do" list). It is exactly what I wanted. Nothing too baby-ish, lots of room for baby things and my stuff, and easy to clean. A day after we ordered it, it arrived! I LOVE IT!

Last night, Tyson and I met up with our dear friends Adam and Danielle. We snacked at Sea Rocket and grubbed burgers at Toronado. It was a farewell night out as the Millers are setting off to North Carolina for new adventures and a peaceful lifestyle. We will miss them so very much and wish them the best. It was nice to be out with good friends and at our old stomping grounds. With saving money and no drinky for me, we haven't been out too much, which we miss. Since it has been chilly and raining lately, we are more comfortable snuggling on the couch , watching movies and cooking, than going out. It was a nice change for us and especially great seeing friends.

Other than that, our week is going by fast. We are beginning our search for our new home and hopefully buying a couch tomorrow. We are also anticipating our tamale-making Sunday with my mom. Can't wait for some yummy tamales! The little guy woke me up in the middle of the night last night for the first time, kicking away. I could feel him kicking in the center of my belly, then creep over to the right side and kick away again. I truly love being woken up like this.

Lasagna with a fried egg, garnished with sriracha and fresh basil, served in bed :)


Cute blue with lots of room

Lovely and beautiful Danielle

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