Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am so FULL!

I am so full of food, love and cake! That's right, cake. Unbeknownst to Tyson and I, our family threw a surprise "mini" baby shower for us. We were loaded up with clothes of every size and color, blankets, wipes and diapers. Not only were there gifts, but a small cake that I became immediately ravenous about. While Tyson and I were watching Turkey Day football, my thoughtful family members quickly set up the patio with delicate decorations, adorable teddy bears and TONS of presents (considering it was my "mini" shower). On Tuesday, I became suspicious of my disappearing registry items, but now realize that it was my ever so sneaky family members that was doing the gift buying. ****Pix to follow**

The Thanksgiving dinner was everything that I imagined and more. I loaded my plate with the essentials and went back for seconds. I now sit here with my belly even more protruding than normal and I am completely satisfied. I am assuming that they baby is also doing very well considering he isn't moving ....probably a food coma :) Tomorrow is another day of family with the arrival of the Digini women. Little Paul and his girlfriend are off to Indio, Aunt Linda returns to the Bay Area for work, and that leaves The Blakes, Ross, Gram Boofa and my mommy. We are planning to shop, eat and laugh all day, which I am looking forward to so much!

I am thankful for:
My patient, loving, perfect and caring husband
The never ending excitement of pregnancy
My thoughtful family
Abundance of food
Great Great Grandmas
NOT being in 80 degree weather (ahem, San Diego)
Three games of football
Having the weekend off
Chargers winning streak
Sales on LCD TV's
not having to cook OR clean Thanksgiving dinner
being ALMOST done with Xmas shopping
My dog
My mom driving to Visalia in the wee morning hours
And lastly, for all of the love that our little Blake will receive

SOME of our presents (we filled a tub full of clothes, toys and diapers)

Mommy organizing all of the gifts

My Mommy and Me

Tyson showing that he has a pregnant belly too!

Giggling at the presents at our impromptu shower

Four (soon to be five) generations

Tyson slicing and dicing

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