Saturday, July 30, 2011


It is the summer of Turtles.  Max loves turtles, or as we have been referring to them as tortugas.  Their large shell, adorable, inquisitive faces, and I can see a true, lovely connection when Max and Mr. Tortuga gleam at each other.  

At a behind the scenes meet-up, feeding the tortoises

Watching the turtles swim

At Seaworld's Turtle Reef

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We went to one of Max's friends birthday awhile ago and the theme was Elmo.  Let me first begin by saying that I do not hate Elmo, I just think that he is annoying.....and strange.  I mean, I liked Elmo when I was younger, so wouldn't that make him an old man by now? In my mind, he aged with me and now he is some old creepy guy in a furry red costume that tries to make little kids like him with his high pitched voice and dancing around.  It just kinda made me feel icky.....

But then I had a change of heart when I heard Max shriek "Emo" for the first time and went running to him when we went to Seaworld for our first time.  And when I put on Sesame Street, Max stops in his tracks and will sit down and listen to what Elmo sings and encourages.  Max dances, waves his arms around and demands (signs and says) "MORE!"  How can I be creeped out by a little fuzzy-wuzzy character that teaches manners, ABC's and how to love vegetables?  Elmo is a sweetheart and is my son's first love.

Greeting Elmo with a high-five

Elmo and Cookie Monster....and DADDY!  Max's favs

Posing with Maia, Mommy and Elmo

Monday, July 25, 2011

We are on a BOAT!

To how Max knew the word "boat", I do not know.  But then again, Tyson and I are trying to figure out how he learned the word "money".  He is just a smart and alert little boy that soaks up EVERY SINGLE WORD that we say.

On Sunday, we ventured out on the open waters with our dear friends Javier, Bruna and lil' David.  They were gracious to invite us to join them on their sailboat and some water fun.  Little did we know just how much fun the whole day would turn out.

Max and David, while the attempted to be as patient as a 15 month old can be, did fight their naps and their tight surroundings, but thoroughly enjoyed seeing the dolphins, seals, fast boats, airplanes and fish.  We nibbled on some of my famous Beet Tart (made with ingredients from our trip Suzie's Farms) and BBQ'd some kabobs and sausage.  Adults sipped on cold beer and bubbly mimosas and soaked up A LOT of sun.  The dad's swam a bit in the bay and then it was back to shore.  We were all exhausted, but I think Max had us all shocked because he has not taken a nap the entire day.  We had hoped for a quick cat nap on the boat, but with all of the excitement, he was too excited to sleep.

And after a dinner at Banbu Sushi of miso soup, fried rice and lamb chops and a quick bath, MAX WAS OUT!

Heading out towards La Jolla

Having fun watching the birds and boats

Captain MAX!
Such a fun day with friends and I am so glad that we can take advantage of the beautiful summer weather.  Tonight, we are off to Seaworld and then to Grandpa's house at the beach for some of Daddy's Asian chicken tacos and s'mores for dessert.  YAY Summer!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer So Far

WATER-we now keep a pallet of H2O in the car because this child chugs all day long
SPRAY SUNBLOCK-super easy to apply and Max giggles when I apply it
HATS-the sun is hot and bright and they protect the adorable face
EXTRA EVERYTHING IN THE CAR-with the amount of beach visits we do, we need to be prepared for ANYTHING.......and EVERYTHING has happened!
WATERMELON-Max screeches when he see's it and will devour a whole melon in one sitting (if we ever allowed it).  When he refuses to eat ANYTHING, we know that he will ALWAYS eat this

We have not slowed down one bit for the summer.  Matter of fact, we have decided to add a move in the mix.  Ya, that is right.  WE ARE MOVING!  Getting the UHaul jam packed, flinging and stuffing our most valuables in boxes, breaking down our enormous bed to move.........down the street......

BUT we get an upgrade for sure and cannot wait to throw our house warming/summer's end party.  YAY!

In the meantime, we are enjoying the sunny San Diego days and hanging out with our close friends.  We have gone to Padres games, Pride Parade, Sea World and the Zoo almost once a week, Suzie's Farms, pool and bbq parties and parks galore.  Maxon is running around (and I mean RUNNING!), experimenting with his limits (and volume level), and communicating (verbally and signing) to the extremes.  It is at a point to where we have to be VERY careful on what we say and  do because not only is he watching and soaking it all in, but he has become our copycat.  No more F-bombs here!

Just a few days ago Tyson and I took an "inventory" of how many words Max can say and we stopped counting at 50.  Surpasses our expectations (and at times, our patience).  I truly blame our passion for books and talking to Max like a regular person, versus baby talk.  He catches on so quickly.  Max's favorite book is Quick As A Cricket, which was Tyson's favorite book  at a child.  We read the book to him on an average of about 4 times a day. And we really are not sick of it.  

With Max also saying "baseball" so early, we figured that a plastic T-ball set would be appropriate.  Little did we know just how quickly he would pick up the ball, put it on the T-ball stand, grab the bat and HIT!  Without being toooooo proud, I AM SOOOOOOO PROUD!!!!  Our little slugger is emerging!

On our agenda today, we are filling it with PARKS!  Tyson is taking Max to the park while Mommy works for a bit and then we are meeting our friends at the park in the afternoon.  Dinner with friends at SoupPlantation and then OFF TO BED!  We are so fortunate to have sooo many accessible kid-friendly activities for Max to take advantage of!

Cheering the Padres on at Petco

Spinning around on a ride at Sea World

Watching the walrus at Sea World

Running among tomatos and peppers at Suzie's Farms

Taking a tractor ride with his bestie Maia

Splashing around in the bay at Mission Beach

Waiting in line at the Del Mar Fair

Watching the Polar Bears at Sea World with Maia and David

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I know.

 I have been BAAAAD.

No love to the blog and I am sad.

You know how parents used to say "I am not mad, I am just disappointed..."?  And that hurt....I mean really hurt.

That's how I feel about not writing in my Maxon's blog.  DISAPPOINTED.


I will be back and better than EVER.  Promise.

Like tomorrow.