Tuesday, April 19, 2011

16 More Days to Go!

It is no surprise that any child of Tyson and mine, are gonna be hungry.  Tyson and I love to eat, cook and shop for food.  It is among one of favorite things to do.  So when Max's appetite became increasingly startling to me, I had to stop and think....this should not be such a surprise......

I joke with my friends that if Max sat in the highchair with food all day long, he would be satisfied. But to be honest, I think he would love it. He loves to eat and will not stop.  I cannot tell you just how much he eats because it is insane.  I have already noticed an increase on our grocery bill just in the last few months when more solid foods have been introduced to him.  While he will occasionally have jarred baby food, he would rather eat anything that we enjoy eating.  AND HE EATS IT ALL!!!!

Maxon's first taste of rice cereal

Making a mess with his pureed peas

The "kids" meal at Stone Brewery.  He loved it

Celebrating Day 18 and 17 ....

We visited our friends Colby, Tammy  and Cole today and had a BLAST eating several courses made by our favorite dads, Colby and Tyson.  Max and Cole love hanging out and especially LOVE playing with Dinosaur Train toys and watching it on TV.  These boys are FUNNY!

Back in October, when the boys were itty bitty and silly

Playing outside, having FUN!

To kick off another day of our countdown, our little family ventured to the Carlsbad Flower Gardens to stop and smell the roses (or ranunculus, in this case).  It was a cloudy, cold day, but nothing could stop this baby from smiling and laughing.

So excited to smell flowers!

Max kept saying "Mmmmmm..." to the beautiful flowers.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nineteen more days....

COUNTDOWN: 19 more days till Maxon's BIRTHDAY!

I write this as my little man sleeps.  Max can sleep like a champion.  There are many times where I have to wake him because he has slept so long and Mommy needs to start her day.  He loves his cozy bed, with his stuffed animals and blankets.  I put toys in his crib, as well, because he will peacefully play with them until he falls asleep.  On an average day, Max will sleep 15-18 hours.  I blame his father because if Tyson had his choice, he would sleep just as much. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Down to Day 20

                                                               20 more Days to GO!

Max is wiped out from his morning Baby Sign Play group in which sang songs, played with friends and gobbled fruit and such at our Potluck. We look forward to these meet-ups because he is so familiar with everyone and with us going to them since he was 4 weeks old, he knows the songs and A LOT of signs. And what is even better? THEY ARE FREE!!!!! I have made some really great friends from attending the classes and I look forward to him growing with the friends he has made now.

October 2010, playing at Harry Griffen Park (before he could crawl)

At Chollas Park, playing with Noah and reading his Nemo book

October 2010, playing with Luke and starting to crawl

At Mission Bay Park, singing and playing with friends (March 2011)

At the Zoo with Cadence in April 2011

Teacher Becky singing the "Good Morning Song" at Baby Sign Class on a Friday morning in March.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crossing Off Day 23

I have managed to get all of the final details of this party down on a checklist.  Looks daunting, but with three weeks away (which, by the way, seems REALLY far away, but with Easter, work getting crazy, Tyson's birthday and family in town, other bday parties and a 5k.....ugh......) I wanted to make sure that I didn't forget anyTHING! 

Max is still not feeling his best, but no one can tell he is sick, considering he is bouncing around and squealing in delight at birds, balls, cars and cows.  The snot hanging from his nostrils and his hack attack is a clear indication, however.  He has three weeks (but seriously speaking, till this weekend!) to get better.  Off to start the chicken soup and rub the baby down with more VICKS! 

Max and I at the SDSU game and Sky Show.  As soon as the fireworks started, he was OUT, thanks to the ear protectors!

Day 24

Twenty-four days to GOOOOOOOO..........

Max is not feeling so hot today, which makes it REALLY difficult for mommy and daddy to leave him while we work.  But with Grandpa taking care of him, we know he is in good hands.  And all he did was sleep anyways, so it was a simple task.  So with a booger infested face and a congested cough that tears at my heart, I love to look at pictures of him smiling, ecspecially when he looks like this.....

Monday, April 11, 2011

28,27,26, 25 more days till number UNO!

Like most families with two working parents (YAY!) and a baby under one (YAY!), we are BUSY!  So my updates have been restricted, but my party planning has not.  Our condo is jam PACKED with Maxon's decorations, Easter basket supplies, birthday invites and more.....

For Day 28, I cannot help to giggle at this pic

With that hair and gooey grin, I cannot help but smile and laugh

Day 27 has been loving this about Max

Such a fun and loving little boy

And Day 26 has me thinking of Max like such

One of favorite days. 

Counting down to Day 25, we especially love this photo
Daddy always making Max laugh

Thursday, April 7, 2011

29 More Days To GO!

The Countdown Continues!

29 days left until Max's first BIRTHDAY!

Max loves his pediatrician, Dr. Feghali.  This is at his 9 month appointment where he weighed in at 23 pounds and a little over 30 inches.  As you can see, he is tall and lean and super nibble-able. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 Days of Max

The countdown has begun!  Max is gonna be the big ONE year old in just a matter of 30 days and to celebrate his BIG day, I have decided to do thirty pictures  of Max that are MY FAVORITE. It is so amazing to watch our little guy grow and we are impressed on just how much he has developed in a year span.  We cannot wait to celebrate more!


30 days to go....

In September, celebrating my birthday weekend.  We went to Big Bear and stopped at the Mammoth Brewing Company to check out the brews.  I especially love Maxon's Mohawk.

The Great Outdoors

Maxon loves being outside.  A few days ago, out of laziness, I decided to stay in for the night.  Usually we will venture out to the local Farmer's Markets, to a friends or family's house, to a park, out in our neighborhood or run random errands.  Max was not happy with staying at home.  I even tried to do cozy things with him.  Put on sweats, turned the TV on to Dinosaur Train, dimmed the lights.  He was CRANKY!  He whined, kept going to the door-NOTHING was making him happy. 

So I decided to give in. 

We piled into the car, went to the grocery store for some items, went to Lake Murray to look at the ducks, and took the long way home so that he could enjoy being out and about just a little bit longer.  And Maxon was satisfied with this. 

We love that he is a free spirit and enjoys the nature.  He loves it SO much that besides "mama" and "dada", Max says "cow", "bird", "car", "tree", "dog", "rain", "ball"  and also is trying to say "stinky" and "I love you". 

Look at that happy face!

Cruising Along with his Chomp Chomp Toy

WEEEEEEE!  Playing with Vanessa in the Dump Truck

Max loves the grass and leaves

Playdate on the Train with Katie and Maia

Maxon was soooo excited to ride the train!