Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Wait

April has finally arrived and I couldn't have anticipated the anxiety and lack of patience I have.  The hours creep by and the days seem to pass like months.  I have to admit that I am too prepared and too eager to go into labor, but all I want is to have Maxon in our home, in our arms and our life. There is still plenty for me to do, but I am discouraged by my "to-do" list because I fear that if I complete it, I will be left with three weeks of nothing to do, but to dwell on when I will feel my first contraction.

I was hoping that on my appointment last Monday that they would tell me that I was dilated....even at 1 cm, but to our disappointment, Maxon was snug in my belly, not wanting to go anywhere, anytime soon.  My Braxton Hicks are not even that strong for me to assume that they are actual contraction pains.  They feel like a weak onset of period cramps and go away after awhile.  Max is still active and seems pretty comfortable with where his is at and I am beginning to see just how similar is his to his father (likes to be cozy and comfortable) and like his mother (stubborn and planned).  Will Max arrive early like all of his other friends did?  Probably not.  If he is any child of Tyson and I, he will  make an entrance like no other.....let's hope that it isn't in the middle of a Target aisle, like my dreams have suggested.

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