Monday, April 5, 2010

Earthquakes and Milkshakes

Hoping to spend a quiet Easter with family and food, our evening was interrupted with a sharp, extra long EARTHQUAKE!!!.  My mom and I hoped that my anxiety and stress would trigger contraction pains of some sort, but the only thing that it did trigger were several aftershocks that sent me flying out the door.  I even practiced staying up all night!  Not for becoming prepared for Maxon's hourly feedings and poopy diapers, but because as soon as I dozed off, an aftershock would rattle the windows.  My body, surprisingly enough, CAN survive on three hours of sleep.  And what is better is that I will be able to live off of a little more caffeine after Max's is born than I can now.

And so on Monday, instead of doing on our Monday cleaning/organizing and laundry routine, we became responsible parents and shopped for our Emergency Earthquake Kit.  After reviewing some websites, including the California's Earthquake Emergency website, we put together necessities for the next "BIG ONE."  Hopefully we will never use these items and Maxon will only know of earthquakes that are small shakers, but we, as new parents, need to be overly prepared and overly cautious.  Tyson and I joked that if it were the just the two of us, our plan of attack would be to rush to the nearest bar......Oh, how the times have changed *gag

In addition to our granola bars, PB, Top Ramen, Canned Fruit and Soups, Emergen-C, hand sanitizer, sponges, Saltine Crackers, Propane, gallons of water, and (tyson's idea), we are putting together a first aide kit loaded with Hydrogen Peroxide, band-aides, gauze and aspirin, some food for Sonny, flashlights and batteries, candles and matches, any necessary baby supplies (formula, diapers, wipes), blankets, TP and whatever else that we can think to put in our Kit.  Most of our stuff we will probably grab will be found in our camping tote so we are making sure that this is fully stocked as well (sleeping bags, propane stove, bug spray, tent).

Am I missing anything else????????

And in the middle of all of this "preparedness" I have had an insane craving for a chocolate milkshake.....McDonald's preferably.  This amazes me considering I find McD's food repulsive.  So I will have to satisfy my sweet tooth with chocolate cupcakes.....close enough......

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  1. I came to check out your blog and am in love! Your photos are great, and even though it's just shy of 8am EST, I'm craving some Mexican food!

    Earthquake kits sound kind of like hurricane kits. Tyson is right. There should be beer. For some reason, we were always told to have bleach in our hurricane kits. We never knew why, but that's one of those lemming things where it's better to have than have not.

    Anyway, I'm following you. Best wishes for a happy & healthy 9th month!