Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Week, Day One

 Last year Tyson and I went to our first Earth Day in Balboa Park and fell in love with the amount of resources and organizations San Diego has to offer.  We were surprised in how many of the groups applied to our cooking/gardening/fun outside activities kind of lifestyle.  Since then, we joined Slow Food Urban San Diego, have done some volunteer work with the community gardens, dived into more organic gardening in our backyard, have used more natural cleaning products and have attempted to eat more organic and local.  We feel better about ourselves and have tried to grow a routine in which Maxon can acquire.  It makes sense to live healthy and environmentally conscious.  And for the second year in a row, Tyson and I ventured out to Balboa Park to enjoy the sunny Sunday afternoon with a bunch of Earth loving hippies.  We stopped at Peace Pies for our favorite Vegan food, picked up some seeds at Urban Garden and tasted loquats at the Roots booth.  We also visited with the women of the Babywearing Group and the Cloth Diapers Group.  We learned that cloth diapers are not as scary as we assumed and that with the diaper delivery service, can be affordable and accommodating.  We will take all of this into consideration.   Giving us motivation for gardening our favorite veggies and flowers, Tyson and I stocked up on organic potting soil and more pots.  We planted kale, horseradish, arugula and some lovely flowers. 
Day One of Earth Week was a pretty one!
Leaving Balboa Park with some seedlings
Baby curly Kale in hanging pots (perfect view from our  kitchen)
    Bib Lettuce growing in our garage sale purchased wooden boxes
Bright Celosias growing along our fence

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