Friday, April 30, 2010

My Favorite Kitchen Gadget

For Christmas I had jotted down on a sticky note what I wanted to get Tyson and to my dismay, he found it!  But what was hilarious is that I had written down "Chef Mat".  While he thought we were getting a personal chef (which is a HUGE insult to my hubby chef), I smiled,  patted his ego and told him to not worry.  The Chef Mat will be a treat and relief to us in the kitchen.  And it is......
Tyson and I LOVE cooking and do it often.  For Tyson, he caters parties and can be in the kitchen prepping and cooking for 6+ hours at a time.  That amount of time on his feet affects his back and legs. There are several times where he has woken up sore because of the lack of support on the hard kitchen floor.  For me, I enjoy helping him in his cooking, baking treats, preserving and cleaning. This amount of work done on hardwood floors makes my feet and back ache and then add a huge belly and I am in intense pain at night.   This mat has saved us beyond belief.  I purchased it at Bed Bath and Beyond because I was able to return it , had I had any problems.  Some reviews had mentioned that the trim curls up, but after having it for 5 months, no such thing.  I bought the mat in Truffle to match our decor and because we loved our first one so much, just recently, purchased a matching one.  And they are EASY to clean. Now we have one in front of our stove and in front of our sink.

And why do I have this on my baby/mommy blog?

Because after SEVERAL hours of baking Tyson a cake for his birthday (which was yesterday), making Bacon and Chocolate Chip Cookies for his special treat (OMG to die FOR!), wrapping Mother's Day gifts, and cleaning up a storm, my legs and back did not hurt as much as they should have.  The cushion support is such a relief and cannot recommend the mat enough. 

Also in baby news, today is my due date and at 6pm, I am without contractions.  BOO!  I had my NST today with a follow up NST on Monday.  I also am scheduled for my induction on May 5th (I know, Cinco de Mayo), but I am hoping for some action sooner.  Just knowing that we will have baby in hand by this time next week is reassuring enough so we are just counting the days down.  FINGERS CROSSED!


  1. Someone recommended this to me - I spend a lot of time working in the kitchen or standing at the bar, writing on my blog. My feet and back are always sore.

    Perhaps a Chef Mat is in my future.

    Happy due date! Baby will be here soon! Good luck!

  2. I really need one of those mats! Aren't the cookies to-die-for!