Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day Two and Three of Earth Week

 Please take your eyes off of the unrelenting DUST is on Tyson's Honey-Do List!

Taking another few days of conscious environmentally thinking and living, Tyson and I bought and installed energy saving light bulbs from Target.  A bit on the pricey side, they end up saving us money in the long run because they last longer and are brighter (small living area+bright lights=less amount of lights turned on). And while I am snapping photos of light bulbs, why not take some pictures of Maxon's room?

 For Day Three of Earth Week, I began my transition of emptying out my toxic under-the-sink cleaning products and replacing them with non-toxic cleaners.
My new scrubbing agent-Baking Soda Paste.
Window Cleaner-Rubbing Alcohol.
All Purpose-Vinegar and Water
Ant Control-Cinnamon Sticks/Garlic Cloves
Furniture Polish-Lemon Juice and EVOO

While my favorite memory is that of my Great Grandmother's house and smelling like Pine Sol, I am terrified of the harmful toxins it leaves behind.  These alternatives are baby friendly, use less packaging waste and are CHEAPER!  YAY CHEAP!  We also have natural dish soap and detergent stocked as well.  Got love going natural......


  1. love his room :)

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    Thanks :)

  2. i <3 maxon's room! good job kristina!

  3. Oooh I need to go green on my cleaning products too! What are you using for tubs and showers??

  4. Baking soda paste (add water to create a thick paste) and lemon juice (natures own bleach). For an extra scrubbing agent, use kosher salt. I feel like I am baking something in my tub, but it smells so much better then the stingy chemicals I previously used!