Monday, April 26, 2010

My apologies, Mama Nature

I tried to keep up with the dutiful task of acknowledging Earth Week last week and by the fourth day, exhaustion kicked in.  I do not feel guilty because I know my education will continue.  Matter-of-fact, I feel well rested....for a pregnant woman.  THAT'S RIGHT!  I AM STILL PREGNANT!  While I didn't take the greatest care of Mother Nature, I did take care of Mother Kristina

   I CONSERVED my energy
   I watched RECYCLED episodes of the Hills
   I REUSED food from previous dinners and ate leftovers
   I SAVED gas and electricity by turning off all of the lights and not going anywhere
   I REDUCED the amount of time I was awake

I mean this counts for something, right?  After all, I have been taking on too much for a belly this size.  Rest was needed and I fully accepted.  Thankfully, Tyson was my knight in shining armor.   He made sure my bowl of Cherrios with bananas was full and my glass of water was by my side.  AND........HE CLEANED! 

And so we wait for Maxon's arrival............

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  1. Sounds like you celebrated Earth Day in a spectacular way! Oh my ....I remember the waiting and waiting for the little one to come. My first one came late and they told me he would be second one came early and they told me she'd be late! They have their own ideas!

    Enjoy sleeping and lounging while you await Maxon's arrival (cool name!).

    I am following you too now!

    504 Main