Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bring it on

Advice is free and comes frequent when your are sporting a belly the size of a large basketball. Whether wanted or unwelcome, passing by or at a coffee date, people (men and women) love to disclose their techniques of how to change a baby's diaper, the best holding position to nurse and when is the best time to introduce solid foods. And while I appreciate it all, I am taken aback to just how different the advice can be.

I am fascinated by everyone's story. I do not take anyone's experience as I solution for my own pregnancy and labor, but I do enjoy listening to how people dealt with their troubles. For instance, what was the best position for contractions? How did the epidural feel? How long was active labor? Was there a tear? And the funny thing is...not one person has the same answer. I am desperately hoping, in having great mama friends, that there will be an average, for lack of a better word, that I can use. Like 4 women experienced one way and three experienced another technique so I will utilize the middle of the road option. Not so much......everyone is different.......

And I should know this already. Many women said that they worst part of pregnancy was the nausea, the back pains, the swollen feet, the last month. None of these applied to me. I am a walking advertisement for a perfect pregnancy.


But that is just my story and I cannot count on the guarantee that the next woman will have the same idea.

The reason for this realization? Because I have discovered in my impatient daily routine of cleaning, checking and re-checking my hospital bag, and my walks, that I am ready for MY baby. I have questioned, poked and pondered all of my friends brains and I think I am as prepared as I possibly can be. I am completely okay with the idea of having contractions that will make me want to murder Tyson and I am also satisfied with the 20+ hour labor that will be followed by several hours of pushing, as well as the sleepless nights caused by a screaming baby. I am okay with it all because with my horrific pains and trying times, it will be my story to tell. I will own the details, make mistakes and learn something new. And who knows, I just might have the best labor ever..........


  1. this made me cry! if i had a blog, which i often wish i had time for, i would write a story about how i felt when i knew it was time to be a mommy. the minute i knew i could be selfless and not selfish...that is what this post made me feel. thanks for sharing!

  2. You are an inspirational mommy, chantel, and it is so good to have a friend who loves being a mama. Thank you for all of your great advice and start a blog today! I would read it for sure!