Monday, June 7, 2010


Tyson, Maxon and I drove to Visalia on Friday for a wedding, but was really looking forward to getting to introduce little Max to his Great-Great Grandma.  It is not often that you hear of 5 generations getting together for a family picture so this was a special treat and such an honor to be part of.  The women in my life have been such an inspiration as mothers, sisters, wives and friends.  Being around them makes me realize just how much I am like them (although I try to deny it) and how Maxon will now take on these characteristics.  I am so proud of being surrounded by strong, independent women. 

I love this picture.....He was all smiles when Great-Great Grandma was talking to him

        Proud Papa had his heart melted over Maxon.  Papa thought he was beautiful!  (and he is....)

Maxon, despite the commotion and excitement, slept for most of the day.  It was much too hot and noisy to be least he looked cute!

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