Friday, June 18, 2010

6 weeks?!

Six weeks.....does not feel like 6 weeks.  More like 3 months.  Not because it has been a long, tiring road, but because everyday is JAM PACKED and my days are all jumbled together.  I lose track of what day it is (partly because I am trying to get Maxon on a routine so my days are often the same) and when I look at the calendar and see that it is ONLY 6 weeks, I realize just how much more I have to look forward to!  In addition, Maxon DOES NOT look like a 6 week old baby.  I glance over at his fellow 6 week old peers in his play group** and he doesn't compare in size.   They are so tiny and "babyish."  Maxon, to Tyson and I, looks like a little boy already.  He is so alert, smiling all of the time, cooing, and interacting with his toys (and yes that includes his favorite blinds). 

So in summary, Maxon, to his proud parents, does not appear to be a 6 weeks. Before we know it, he will be walking and talking and ruling the world!  Until then, many cuddle times with my baby.....

**Maxon and I started our Outside Classroom Playgroup on Tuesday morning.  We met at Balboa Park and sang songs, went on a walk, and met with fellow babies and mommies.  For 5 weeks, Maxon and I will meet the group at places all throughout San Diego such as La Jolla Shores, Mission Bay Park, etc.  The group leader also encourages a discussion between moms about the babies and their different developmental stages.  It has been fun so far and I hope that Maxon will gather some friends, become familiar with fun songs and take in the sights and sounds of San Diego.  I hope to get a tan, exercises a bit and meet some fun moms.  Cannot wait till Tuesday!

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