Saturday, June 26, 2010

Smile Max!

I think Maxon is getting used to the snap and flash of the camera.  He seems to smile and stare at it and makes the PERFECT model for me.  I just can't help myself, when it comes to Maxon and his ever-so-adventurous life.  TOO CUTE!

Maxon loves making silly faces and sticking out his adorable tongue.

How cute is this face?

We love reading to Max and he is taking a BIG interest in the cookbooks I read to him.  He loves the bright pictures and recipes.  He is definitely our child!

Maxon and I love taking walks around Lake Murray in the BOB stroller.  Gotta love beautiful San Diego days!

Maxon at his first brewery, Ballast Point.

Our happy boy!

Sleeping angel

My papa, his Great Grandfather, had an elderly woman knit these for him.   Papa calls him Mad Max and before we found out the gender of the baby, he referred to him as 7 (Seinfeld reference).  Hence Mad Max 7.

All Smiles!

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