Saturday, May 29, 2010

My 10 Favorite Baby Maxon Items

1. Breast Pump

With the amount of milk Maxon eats, I would breastfeed 20 hours in a day.  No Joke.  When I am able to breastfeed, my little Piggy will eat for an hour and then cry as though he is starving.  If we feed him the bottle, he will eat anywhere from 3-5 ounces in a matter of 15-20 minutes and will be content.  And by my calculations and for the sake of my sanity, we have chosen to feed Max the bottle. 

2. Books

I have always enjoyed reading and now that I am home most of my day, I have found plenty of time to read, especially when Maxon is sleeping, feeding and playing.   I can only clean and organize for so long and the trash on TV is entertaining for a short amount of time so by catching up on my reading, I am knocking off books from my "Wish List" of books.  This is what I am currently reading....

3. My Husband

My hubby is the best sidekick a girl could ask for.  He works, cleans, cooks, feeds and loves unconditionally.  I feel as though I have been blessed with an angel for a husband.  After many hours of working, he will come home, take over for me and let me sleep.  AND THEN, he will feed Max in the early morning, letting me sleep until 6 or so (and no, Max is not up that entire time.  He will get up once for about a half an hour).  By then, I have slept almost 7 hours!!!  While I take over, my sweetheart will sleep for a bit and get up to take care of other responsibilities before heading to work.  Again, this man is AMAZING!  Even Max knows this, as he finds such comfort in his Daddy's arms and chest.  We love him sooooooo much!!

4. Receiving Blankets

People advised us to buy the blankets that are specially made for swaddling and while we were tempted, we waited to see what our little guy would prefer.  Thank goodness we didn't buy them because we have found receiving blankets to be our saviors!  They are much cheaper and we had TONS from the shower. A nurse showed us how to tightly wrap Maxon and we have been doing so ever since we left the hospital.  Once tightly wound, Maxon will drift off to sleep in a matter of minutes.  We call it the Maxon Burrito.

5. Bottle Dryer-Thingy

I didn't want to mix my dishes with bottles and nipples so this dryer rack-thingy is perfect.  It is so cute too!

6. Coffee

          Caffeine....... A MUST!!!.....A NEED!!!.....MAKES MOMMY AND DADDY HAPPY!!!!

7. Ergo Baby
For the times when nothing calms baby Maxon down and my arms are weak, I pull out the ever so nifty Ergo Carrier.  Take a walk around the neighborhood on a gorgeous San Diego day and he is out!  Even when he isn't sleeping, being close calms him down and gives me two hands to work with.  And with all of the "boy-ness" I have surrounding me, the Ergo has a little pink for me :)

8. Snap and Go Stroller/BOB stroller
Love these strollers because they are easy to lift and set up, are car seat friendly and with the BOB stroller, can grow with Maxon until he is a big guy.  The Snap and Go is small enough and can go anywhere (bookstore, farmers market, library)  and the BOB is perfect for our hikes and runs. 

9. Pre-Frozen Meals

I cannot pat myself on the back hard enough for making food and freezing it during my pregnancy.  It has saved our butts when we have been starving (and without hands to cook anything), when we have had guests over and when we have realized that we have gone the entire day without eating and must eat immediately! And because Tyson and I have an opposite schedule Wednesday through Saturday, we don't want to cook an entire meal, so the individual packaged meals are perfect for one.

10. Baby Leggings

My dear friend Chantel gave Maxon his first baby leggings (adorable Fire Engine leggings) and I have become addicted.  Not only are the cute, but functional.  I prefer putting Max in onsies because of the minimal amount of buttons, but he sometimes gets chilly. Instead of putting on pants which are a pain in the butt to take off and on, the leggings keep him warm and cozy and aren't in the way of having his diaper changed.  LOVE 'EM!


  1. Aww, "my husband" SO true!! I could not have survived my newborn days without my babe's help!=)

  2. Love this list! I definitely agree with more than a few :)

  3. I seriously would not get through my day without these items! But I forgot to mention that they are NOT in any order! If that were the case, my hubby would be #1