Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One month appointment

Last Thursday marked Maxon's first meeting with his pediatrician.  This put a lot of pressure on Mommy and Daddy considering we will have this woman in our lives for the next 18 years.  What will she think of our offspring and how demanding and judgmental will she be on our parenting?  Will she be warm, friendly, allow our outside research?? Or will she be stern, rough and old school?  Lucky for us, we were scheduled with Rita Feghali, a patient, soft spoken (yet fast speaker), informative woman.  She answered all of my questions and encouraged our parenting techniques.  She was gentle with him and while the appointment went fairly fast, I never felt rushed and Maxon got all of the attention that he needed. To summarize his appointment, our little Maxon:
  • is measuring 24 inches long
  • weighs 11 pounds, 15 ounces
  • will need to take a Vitamin D supplement since he is breastfeeding (I am going to do more research on this because the supplements we gave him do not sit with his stomach well and left him smelling like vitamins for several days)
  • has clogged tear ducts that are giving him trouble, but with some tea bag compresses, should be cleared in a few weeks
  • is a bit dry, but Aveena Baby Lotion (Baby Lotion from Johnson and Johnson is not recommended), will soothe his skin
  • is the most beautiful child she has ever seen......I swear that is what she said :)
And at his first month birthday, Max has some quirks that Tyson and I find simply adorable. 

When he is hungry, he makes a clucking noise with his tongue and roof of his mouth.  

His "tired" cry is loud and boisterous, compared to his other cries, which are more like a whine.  He will cry so hard when he is exhaustive, but only lasts about 3 minutes before nodding off.

Maxon makes grossed out faces when I kiss him.  

He absolutely HATES his hair combed, face washed and clothes put on, BUT he LOVES his bath and lotion.

Maxon has settled into a pattern of sleep, poop, eat, poop, play and sleep, but the length is what we are working hard on.

Maxon might have an addiction to soap operas.  I will catch him staring at them when I am cleaning the house and he is in his swing.......soooo not my fault.

Like his Mommy, he loves to be on the go.  He loves the car, his carrier, and his stroller.  He loves moving!

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