Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day of Explorations and Firsts

Maxon and I were on our own today as Tyson began his new job at Obriens.  Because I am to take it easy and not exert myself, I am confined to our upstairs because this is where our bathroom and Max's room are located.  The kitchen, unfortunately, is downstairs, but being the amazing hubby as he is, Tyson stocked me up with fruit, a sandwich and some other snacks until he returned home.  Along with Tyson's first day of work, Maxon had a few firsts of his own!

Tummy Time

First Playdate with Mr. Sox

Maxon also started taking the bottle to give Mommy a break on breastfeeding.  My poor nipples are so tortured and needed some relief so we have been alternating between bottle-feeding with my pumped breast milk and breastfeeding.  This is a treat for Tyson since it gives him an opportunity to bond with Max.   


  1. Priscilla TorresMay 13, 2010 at 12:36 AM

    Oh my! He is so...........cute!!! Makes me want another and I just had one!! :O Enjoy him ;) They are such a blessing.

  2. I know! I am already noticing how much he has grown in JUST A WEEK! I wish he stay this little...