Monday, May 24, 2010

Family Day

Sundays are always a day that Tyson and I look forwad to each week.  So much so that when Tyson comes home from work on Saturday night (or rather Sunday morning at 2ish), we celebrate with planning our entire Sunday from breakfast to dinner.  And now that Maxon is here and I am feeling better, we are so eager to get back to our family fun day.

What better way to enjoy a beautiful Sunday than with raw fish?!  Our first stop was off to Kings Fish House where we got back on our foodie trek with oysters on the half shell, a Trojan roll of spicy tuna and a frothy pint.  Maxon was an angel as we were able to belly up at the bar and Max placed at a carseat swing that was level with our bar stools.  Perfect fit!  After running from store to store, we came home to cook dinner.  On our menu was salmon purchased from our favorite local store, Windmill Farms, a Root Gratin (previously made during my nesting and then frozen) and  mixed vegetables.  Pair this with the LOST series finale and we have a romantic, rich, satisfying meal.  Maxon, once again, allowed us to enjoy our evening. We ended our night with a Blackberry Cobbler with Vanilla Bean ice cream and called it a night.......

complete bliss!!!

We (finally) purchased a swing for Maxon so our arms can get some relief...he seems to love it, but we love it more!

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