Monday, May 17, 2010

Ooh's and Aah's

Maxon is amazing.  Any parent would say that about their own child, but Tyson and I never anticipated how obsessed, excited, surprised and proud we would be.  We are so fortunate to have found love, not only in ourselves, but now, with our miracle. 

We went to our lactation consulting appointment this morning and received nothing but gold stars.  Maxon is back at his birth-weight (which isn't expected until week 2), latches on perfectly, and even gained three ounces after breastfeeding for 15 minutes.  The nurses said that this was the first baby they had seen that had gained so much in so little time.  We were even praised for the type of bottles we were using (Breastflow).  I had been worried about his feeding and whether or not we should wake him for feedings and if he was getting an adequate supply of breast milk when I breastfed him.  The nurses encouraged that he sleeps and assured me that he was getting PLENTY to eat.  We left as proud parents!

Here are some great Maxon moments we have captured

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  1. I love the "OOOh"-face picture :) It makes me laugh because that's Braxton's "I'm thinking about this poop that's on its way"-face. LOL