Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Great Outdoors

Maxon loves being outside.  A few days ago, out of laziness, I decided to stay in for the night.  Usually we will venture out to the local Farmer's Markets, to a friends or family's house, to a park, out in our neighborhood or run random errands.  Max was not happy with staying at home.  I even tried to do cozy things with him.  Put on sweats, turned the TV on to Dinosaur Train, dimmed the lights.  He was CRANKY!  He whined, kept going to the door-NOTHING was making him happy. 

So I decided to give in. 

We piled into the car, went to the grocery store for some items, went to Lake Murray to look at the ducks, and took the long way home so that he could enjoy being out and about just a little bit longer.  And Maxon was satisfied with this. 

We love that he is a free spirit and enjoys the nature.  He loves it SO much that besides "mama" and "dada", Max says "cow", "bird", "car", "tree", "dog", "rain", "ball"  and also is trying to say "stinky" and "I love you". 

Look at that happy face!

Cruising Along with his Chomp Chomp Toy

WEEEEEEE!  Playing with Vanessa in the Dump Truck

Max loves the grass and leaves

Playdate on the Train with Katie and Maia

Maxon was soooo excited to ride the train!

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