Tuesday, April 19, 2011

16 More Days to Go!

It is no surprise that any child of Tyson and mine, are gonna be hungry.  Tyson and I love to eat, cook and shop for food.  It is among one of favorite things to do.  So when Max's appetite became increasingly startling to me, I had to stop and think....this should not be such a surprise......

I joke with my friends that if Max sat in the highchair with food all day long, he would be satisfied. But to be honest, I think he would love it. He loves to eat and will not stop.  I cannot tell you just how much he eats because it is insane.  I have already noticed an increase on our grocery bill just in the last few months when more solid foods have been introduced to him.  While he will occasionally have jarred baby food, he would rather eat anything that we enjoy eating.  AND HE EATS IT ALL!!!!

Maxon's first taste of rice cereal

Making a mess with his pureed peas

The "kids" meal at Stone Brewery.  He loved it

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