Friday, April 15, 2011

Down to Day 20

                                                               20 more Days to GO!

Max is wiped out from his morning Baby Sign Play group in which sang songs, played with friends and gobbled fruit and such at our Potluck. We look forward to these meet-ups because he is so familiar with everyone and with us going to them since he was 4 weeks old, he knows the songs and A LOT of signs. And what is even better? THEY ARE FREE!!!!! I have made some really great friends from attending the classes and I look forward to him growing with the friends he has made now.

October 2010, playing at Harry Griffen Park (before he could crawl)

At Chollas Park, playing with Noah and reading his Nemo book

October 2010, playing with Luke and starting to crawl

At Mission Bay Park, singing and playing with friends (March 2011)

At the Zoo with Cadence in April 2011

Teacher Becky singing the "Good Morning Song" at Baby Sign Class on a Friday morning in March.

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