Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crossing Off Day 23

I have managed to get all of the final details of this party down on a checklist.  Looks daunting, but with three weeks away (which, by the way, seems REALLY far away, but with Easter, work getting crazy, Tyson's birthday and family in town, other bday parties and a 5k.....ugh......) I wanted to make sure that I didn't forget anyTHING! 

Max is still not feeling his best, but no one can tell he is sick, considering he is bouncing around and squealing in delight at birds, balls, cars and cows.  The snot hanging from his nostrils and his hack attack is a clear indication, however.  He has three weeks (but seriously speaking, till this weekend!) to get better.  Off to start the chicken soup and rub the baby down with more VICKS! 

Max and I at the SDSU game and Sky Show.  As soon as the fireworks started, he was OUT, thanks to the ear protectors!

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