Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Hunt for Children Books

Tyson and I both love to read, but I think my passion is bordering OCD/infatuation. I can read up to 5 books at a time. Non-fiction, fiction, teen horror (TWILIGHT!!) to cookbooks-I love them all. I can remember going to the library as a little girl and checking out stacks of books at a time. My heart races and I start sweating as I step into any Borders or Barnes and Noble. I can spend all day in a bookstore and library. The only problem that I find, is that I can never seem to keep up with my never-ending list of books to read.

And what a great way to start our little Maxon's obsession, than to start him early? I want him to have a book in hand, even though he cannot read a word. I want him to want us to read to him all of the time and even make up his own story to the pictures. I would love for him to have the same desire to go to the bookstores as much as Tyson and I do. I have even asked Tyson to start reading to my belly so he can get to know the books we have on hand for him when he enters our loving little Blake Family.

In shopping for some books for Maxon, it gave Tyson and I a chance to reminisce on our childhood favorites. I remember treasuring Danny and the Dinosaur, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, Brown Bear, Good Night Moon, just to name a few. Tyson loved Where the Wild Things Are, Ferdinand the Bull, and any nursery rhyme (which he amazingly remembers and recites to Maxon almost every night). We have "starter" book collection for him, but once Max arrives, the real book buying will begin.

Some things that I have learned in my search for children book resources;
  • The public library has an online "holding" process that allows you to search for a book within the county and have it delivered to your neighborhood library. Once the book arrives (approx 3-5 days), the library will send you a letter notifying you to pick up the book in the "HOLDS" section of your local library, under your last name. It is fast and convenient, especially if you are looking for some good books and have a limited time to spend on driving and searching.
  • There are SEVERAL websites where you can read children books online for free! Illustrations and all! One that I found that has some classics
  • Itunes has audio books of all of the children books. This is perfect for children who are starting to read, as they can point to the word in their book, as they listen to their audio. Audio books start from under a few dollars...VERY AFFORDABLE!

We would like some help with stocking our shelves with classic children books and would like to know what book we are missing from Maxon's bookcase. Let us know...What are some favorites??

Which one...????

Trying to pick the right one.....

Tyson reading Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

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