Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby Stealing Obsession

When I was a few months pregnant, I was recommended by a friend to a website devoted to baby items and maternity clothes at a discounted price. Sounds good, right? Well here is the catch......Everyday, at 8am PST, features an item at a FANTASTIC price (items can sell for 20-90% off of the retail price) at a limited supply. So if you sign on at noon to get the newest posh diaper bag with matching outfit that usually sells for $200 but is on Baby Steals for $60, chances are that the item is SOLD OUT!

Just this morning I purchased an Ergo Baby Carrier for $70 after my fellow mommy friend texted me about it. I ran downstairs, signed on and plugged in my info. It makes mornings very fun and kind of mysterious, in that you have no idea what it going to be featured. Everything from Not Sox, Fashionable Teething Necklaces, Daddy Diaper Bags, stylish maternity jeans, to Baby Einstein DVD's. You are able to sign up for the daily emails, but I usually don't receive the emails until mid afternoon and by then, most of the items are gone.

Check out their sister website, and for more outrageous deals!

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