Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let the FUN BEGIN!

Painting with his peas and squishing between his fingers.
Words cannot begin to explain our fun that we are having with Maxon. He is so interested in the animals at the Zoo and Wild Animal Park (now called Safari Park). He loves the bright colors of the aviary and squeals at the bears. He grabs at the elephants and their long trunks and stares in awe at the giraffes and their long tongues. For mommy and daddy, it is unbelievable at the fascination and curiosity Max has with so many different scenarios.

Maxon also started a new set of baby sign classes on Thursday night and Friday day.  He is the big man on campus now and has certainly taken on the role.  He greets the new babies with sloppy, open mouth kisses and happily plays in the ball pit.  As he is turning 9 months, new foods (and different textures) are being explored and so far, peas are still his least favorite.  While our little (big) guy will eat ANYTHING, he isn't too fond of thicker or bigger pieces of food.  We thought that starting the Stage 3 foods will fill him up and with two teeth, he was probably ready.  He isn't though and we are pleased to not push him to grow up. 

Maxon's favorite ball.
I have also started playing games with Max because as an active boy, he wears me out!  I had to do some research on what activities were appropriate for his age (didn't want to be too challenging that he would get frustrated).  Besides reading, playing with toys, looking at pictures and enjoying outdoors, we started "painting" with his food, playing on the cushions from the sofa, popping bubbles (his FAVORITE), playing with different textures of fabric and "cooking" with plastic kitchen supplies.  He loves it all.  Maxon can also distinguish between his ball, book, Mommy and Daddy, Sonny and Grandma. It is so neat to see the wheels turning in his head.  I know he is taking in so much and learning so quickly.

Playing at the Safari Park with silly ears.
Posing and "kissing" the animals at the African Safari Ride
Loved the Giraffes!

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