Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eight months, Three weeks

I am SOOO BAD at not keeping this post to date.  This, among several other items, are on my "up-keep" list and will be part of my usual schedule.  Yes, I want to keep this as a reference/admiration area for friends and family, but most importantly, I am trying to keep this as a journal for our little Max so he can look back on it once he is older.  Every 6 months, I copy and paste so that I can print it out and file it in a binder.  My hope is that Max will read what life was like and how he changed our lives for the insanely better. 

Max is ALMOST 9 months and has his check up appointment in a few weeks where he will be measured and pricked with his constant rotation of immunizations.  He is forever mobile and seems to be interested in everything and everyone.  At the store, he grabs for items or tries to suck on the cart.  He waves hello to anyone who looks at him and smiles so warmly.  A few months ago, his bottom two center teeth poked through and now the teeth between his fangs and top centers are coming as well.  My gripes for this time in his life?  I cannot do anything simple.  Because he crawls and climbs everywhere, he has to be closely watched to make sure he doesn't eat anything or grab at the TV.  Max also has problems with peeing himself at night.  Almost every night, even though I change his diaper before going to bed, he leaks through.  I have heard from several mommy friends to get Overnight Diapers or to get Diaper Covers that will alleviate the problem.  That will be my next step.  Max is also eating soooo much and I have began to introduce more finger foods such as bananas, avocados, pasta and beans into his diet, but I find that he decorates his high chair and floor with the foods, than with eating them. 

And now for my bribes on Max!  He wants to walk so bad!  For Christmas, Max received an alligator walking toy from my Aunt and he walks with it.  He can stand on his own for a bit and will walk really fast and steady holding onto our hands, but he has yet to take firm whole steps.  Max also has a really constant schedule that he has put himself on.  At 730AM, he will wake up and play in his crib, while I quickly get up.  At about 9AM, after eating 12 ounces of formula, he will go back down for a 2hour nap.  At this time, I will clean up (kitchen, laundry, other stuff around the house), work out, get ready.  When he wakes up, we wake Daddy up, change into his day clothes and get some breakfast.  At about 130-2 pm, Max will have lunch and will take his afternoon nap.  He has been kind of off with the afternoon nap and will sometimes not take it or will take a short one, but it varies on his mood.  At about 330pm, Max will get up, play and we'll run errands and go on a walk, then at 530, we will start his bedtime routine of bath, playing in his room, dinner and then bed.  He is so good with it all, it is easy to keep him on this schedule.  And when Tyson is home at night, we can have our own little date night.  We cook at home, watch movies, play games, or challenge each other on Just Dance 2 (our favorite Wii game). 

As for me, Maxon's mommy, I have started planning his First Birthday.  Words cannot describe how excited I am.  Yes, it is ONLY his first birthday, but it is a celebration of how our lives changed in the most incredible way.  I am also beginning a photo scrapbook documenting 2010 with pictures of me pregnant and having Max and onto his first few months into this world.  I hope to continue making them for him.  I am also in the works to make his first Valentines Day cards for his friends.  Tyson and I realize that this might be a little too early to start celebrating holidays in a big way with him, but we want to start traditions that he will never forget.  And having pictures of these moments are PRICELESS! 

Gotta love these pics!

Crawling all over Mommy as we eat at Beachwood BBQ in Seal Beach

Putting our toes in the sand at Seal Beach

Enjoying our Family Day at the Pier

Talking and talking at Aunt Linda's house on Christmas Eve

Taking a cold, brisk walk on Fisherman's Warf in San Francisco on Christmas Day

Eating some Chinese food for our Christmas Dinner in Chinatown in San Fran

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