Saturday, February 12, 2011

9 Months Old

We told Maxon to "cork it" and he took us literally.

Maxon's First Superbowl and he was IMPRESSED.  We danced at the Halftime show and cheered loudly.  Max even had some Mom's 7-layer dip, minus 6 layers.  He tried out the ground turkey with Soyrizo.  He LOVED it!

Playing in the grass amongst the flowers in Balboa Park.  Max just woke up from his nap and as one can tell, his hair is still sleepy.

These precious little feet make it hard to find soft sole shoes for pre-walkers.  He is a size 5, which is comparable to a 2T-3T.  Barefoot is better!

At the Natural History Museum checking out the brightly colored reptiles. 

Our lil' prince getting his beauty sleep.  I love when Max goes down for his morning nap and Tyson is still sleeping.  My sleeping boys are my pride and joy....and they look the SAME when they are sleeping

First off, check out the paws on Max.  And secondly, how cute is my giggling husband?!

Max (graciously) letting us see his 4-upper pearly whites bursting through.  He is in such great spirits, despite the drool, snotty nose, bleeding gums and constant pain. 

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