Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Friends at Play

I love birthdays.....A LOT!  I love making people feel special, opening presents, devouring cake and celebrating another year of life.  When a person has a birthday, we should party like it is a National HOLIDAY!  And this is why my planning for Maxon's birthday started months ago.  I have most of the decorations, favors, and ideas for food and cake.  Invitations will be ordered very soon. 

We have also, because we have many amazing friends, have been invited to several first birthdays so our party shoes are getting worn plenty.  Max went to his friend Ryan's, Coraline's, Luke's, Cole's and Maia's birthday and is looking forward to his friends Cadence and Kai's birthday.  And before you know it, it will be Maxon's!  So soon!!!
Max and Cadence playing in the ball pit at Maia's Birthday Party
A good sign that Max is ready for bed-thumb in the mouth and blanket in his hand.
Weeeeeeee!  Going round and round on the Merry Go Round with Daddy

Maxon loves Baby Sign Class, especially when it is outside

Gorgeous Baby BOY!
Having a blast on the slide

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