Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Holidays!

As soon as Halloween and our Anniversary was over, all hell broke loose.  Tyson's work schedule went CRAZY with San Diego Beer Week,which slowly turned into Visalia for Thanksgiving, and now pushing Christmas in the Bay Area, and we have one hectic life.  Add spending time with family, work, play dates, and a CRAWLING toddler and we have one busy household---and we are loving every moment.  Our little baby is turning into a little boy and I cannot grasp the idea of him turning one in a few months.  Has life really passed by that fast?

Our seven and half month old precious baby can do oh-so-much.  Here are my proudest moments---

  • Crawls FAST!  As soon as he was able to crawl, he began pulling himself up on everything and anything.
  • Max has two bottom teeth that are growing what seems like INCHES every DAY!
  • He can walk along tables, couches, which is so CUTE.....BUT he now thinks he is all grown up and will try to walk without holding onto anything!  I think I need to start taking some anti-panic attack meds because this guy is SCARING ME!
  • PBS Dinosaur Train is his FAVORITE show. He loves watching it, but like his mom, he cannot sit still for too long and gets antsy after about 5 minutes.  We like to sing the songs and dance around.....
  • He can give kisses to his toys and pictures of people, but doesn't give us any yet. 
  • He waves "bye-bye"
  • Maxon LOOOVES screaming in joy, especially at dinner.  We (and by "we", I mean "me") taught him to squeal in excitement.  I know it can be annoying but I cannot resist the adorable smile that is accompanied with the screech.
  • Loves walking everywhere while holding onto our hands
  • Max now wears 18 months and size 5 shoe.....which amazes my fellow mommy friends.  I think it might have been all of the eggs and spinach I ate while I was preggos.......
Maxon still attends Tuesday Outdoor Classroom playgroup that meets as local parks and the Baby Sign Class on Fridays.  We also go to the local library on Thursday afternoons for sign story time.  About once a week, we will hang out with some of my mommy friends for a play date to get the kids together and to chat about everything.  Sundays are dinners at my Aunts House and with working Wednesday and Friday days, those nights are for "catch-up-on-housework." Tyson works Tuesday days and Wed-Sat nights so we try to spend our Mondays  as a family going to the Zoo, Wild Animal Park, on a quick run or walk, catch up with friends or doing some quick errands.  Maxon, with all of our busy life duties, handles it beautifully.  He fits perfect into our lifestyle---always smiling, enjoying his surroundings and taking in EVERYTHING.

And tonight, while rocking him to sleep, he reached out and placed his hand on my cheek, said "MAMA," smiled, and closed his eyes. My gorgeous, loving boy......

Playing with his toys on Thanksgiving

The Blake Boys

Max and Luke at Tuesdays Playgroup

While making our annual Christmas tamales, Max played (and slobbered) in his playpen

At the Farmers Market, talking and talking!

Christmas in the Park....and yes, we are wearing shorts and T-shirts!

Max can say the "Dah" in Duck

Geeeentle, Max

Having sushi, Max gave me this face after I showed him what I was eating

We see this smiling face when he wakes up from his nap. 

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  1. Lovely baby, lovely memories. Keep it up.