Monday, July 25, 2011

We are on a BOAT!

To how Max knew the word "boat", I do not know.  But then again, Tyson and I are trying to figure out how he learned the word "money".  He is just a smart and alert little boy that soaks up EVERY SINGLE WORD that we say.

On Sunday, we ventured out on the open waters with our dear friends Javier, Bruna and lil' David.  They were gracious to invite us to join them on their sailboat and some water fun.  Little did we know just how much fun the whole day would turn out.

Max and David, while the attempted to be as patient as a 15 month old can be, did fight their naps and their tight surroundings, but thoroughly enjoyed seeing the dolphins, seals, fast boats, airplanes and fish.  We nibbled on some of my famous Beet Tart (made with ingredients from our trip Suzie's Farms) and BBQ'd some kabobs and sausage.  Adults sipped on cold beer and bubbly mimosas and soaked up A LOT of sun.  The dad's swam a bit in the bay and then it was back to shore.  We were all exhausted, but I think Max had us all shocked because he has not taken a nap the entire day.  We had hoped for a quick cat nap on the boat, but with all of the excitement, he was too excited to sleep.

And after a dinner at Banbu Sushi of miso soup, fried rice and lamb chops and a quick bath, MAX WAS OUT!

Heading out towards La Jolla

Having fun watching the birds and boats

Captain MAX!
Such a fun day with friends and I am so glad that we can take advantage of the beautiful summer weather.  Tonight, we are off to Seaworld and then to Grandpa's house at the beach for some of Daddy's Asian chicken tacos and s'mores for dessert.  YAY Summer!

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