Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We went to one of Max's friends birthday awhile ago and the theme was Elmo.  Let me first begin by saying that I do not hate Elmo, I just think that he is annoying.....and strange.  I mean, I liked Elmo when I was younger, so wouldn't that make him an old man by now? In my mind, he aged with me and now he is some old creepy guy in a furry red costume that tries to make little kids like him with his high pitched voice and dancing around.  It just kinda made me feel icky.....

But then I had a change of heart when I heard Max shriek "Emo" for the first time and went running to him when we went to Seaworld for our first time.  And when I put on Sesame Street, Max stops in his tracks and will sit down and listen to what Elmo sings and encourages.  Max dances, waves his arms around and demands (signs and says) "MORE!"  How can I be creeped out by a little fuzzy-wuzzy character that teaches manners, ABC's and how to love vegetables?  Elmo is a sweetheart and is my son's first love.

Greeting Elmo with a high-five

Elmo and Cookie Monster....and DADDY!  Max's favs

Posing with Maia, Mommy and Elmo

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