Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Max, Age 2

My Max.......

He is two and my best partner in crime.  How he can get cuter and cuter everyday, I am still trying to figure that out.  I put him to bed each night and it seems as though he has grown another inch by morning.  I cherish every moment with him, but I am not wishing the tantrums and attitude to linger any longer.

Max, at 29 months (I honestly NEVER say his months anymore so he is now TWO and in a little bit he will be TWO AND A HALF....who says months anymore??!!!), 37 1/2 inches tall, has a stocky frame with a belly full of laughter and yogurt.  This summer, we are constantly running away from the heat so we are swimming as much as possible (which BTW helps get my lil' guy realllly tired).  With much practice and Daddy's never ending patience, Max is a terrific swimmer and can go under water like Nemo.  In no time, he will be our next lil' Olympic swimmer. 

Max's go-to food and snacks consist of anything and everything, but he BEYOND favorites are fro yo, grapes, chicken tenders, cheese (from Taste cheese, perferably), green juice, any fruit, zucchini and anything yummy that Aunt Cupcake makes.  His favorite shows are Dinosaur Train and......well that is about it.  BUT he does love, love, love Toy Story 3, Finding Nemo and Lion King. 

For playtime, Max keeps his Woody and Buzz close by, as well as any figurine that is related to Dinosaur Train.  His Gigi, Papa and Grandma gave him a castle and some knights, and plays catapults and dragons.  Tyson and I are always eavesdropping in on his conversations that he has with his toys.  Max is so caring and nuturing when he "accidently" rolls over his toys with his bike.  He can hit a T-ball very far, can kick a soccer ball very far and can throw a ball very hard. Max is all boy.

Max's besties are still the usual crew-Maia, David, Carter, Ryan, Cadence, Jackson and Coraline, but he has a special little relationship with Vann Mann.  Even though they hang out on rare occasions, he loves the way she talks to him, plays so gently with him and constantly teaching him things. She is a great friend.

It is without a doubt that this is my favorite time with Max.  He is becoming more independent and can speak his wants (or demands) without crying.  He is silly, participates in a class setting and has the funniest point of view on life.  With the holidays coming up, I am becoming more and more excited for him to really take in the traditions and to make more memories.

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