Wednesday, October 19, 2011


 Here are some of my favorite Max moments.  I know Halloween will bring so many more, but I just HAD to share!

Max and Maia chowing down on some birthday cake 

Bright and early while camping on the beach
Mommy and Max hiking along the beach while camping

Giving Daddy some love

Being goofy while having a cheese platter in Temecula

Outside our villa while wine tasting (Max was 'juice tasting')

Happy Birthday MOMMY!

Having cookies with Grandma (Max calls her "ma")

Picking up the HEAVIEST pumpkin
Muscle man!

Such a big boy!

Full of smiles

Papa and Max checking out the Koi fish

Helping Papa paint birdhouses

Max's new bike from Papa

Max and friend Jack, playing and having fun at the Zoo


Admiring the camels

Helping Mommy make cookies for our movie night

He heard Lion King start!

Max LOVES the squishy chocolate chip batter
Max LOVES his reflection!

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  1. So precious and adorable! What a big boy indeed, but so happy and full of love. Thanks for sharing! Billye Sue