Friday, October 1, 2010

Family Vacation

Tyson had some days off so we took advantage and hauled our family to Big Bear Lake. Maxon, like most of his everyday life, lives it full of firsts. First time on vacation, first time sleeping all night in a playpen, first time in a boat, first time in LA, first time eating avocado and bananas and one of MANY TIMES that he was a perfect child. He whined and cried, but he was hungry or tired. We took him out with us to late night dinner and he slept. We trekked him all over LA and he enjoyed it all. And when we got home late last night, he whined for his cozy bed. He wrapped himself in his soft blue blankey and slept magically. He is one simultanious arm and knee correlation away from crawling and one day away from sitting up by himself. Time to really get the kid gate/baby proof plug ins/softer furniture in order!

Checked out the Big Bear Discovery Center where they had information on vegetation, animals, hiking trails and history of the town.

Maxon LOVED the stuffed animals.  We are teaching him to touch gently. Nice Kitty.....

He loved being on the boat.  Gorgeous day at Big Bear Lake! 

Maxon drove the boat and followed all rules!

Loving his rattle (which was Tyson's rattle when he was a baby)

We hung out with Jen and Matt on the boat and had a BLAST!

Maxon was enthralled with the huge mammoths and sloths at La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles (loved his cute sticker)

First time seeing the Hollywood sign for Max and I.

And the award goes to......MAXON CRUZ BLAKE!

LOVED LOVED LOVED the red laterns in Chinatown

Daddy playing with Maxon as the storm threatens the sky......SCARY!

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